Written by jockweiler

8 Dec 2013

After my telling of the events of last New Year's Eve, I was in receipt of several comments saying it was my wife's turn to have another man or several and that is what happened last night !

We were invited to some very old friends for dinner and they had also invited A guy called Stuart and his wife Sue, both of whom we had known for years but had not seen for a long time.

As these things go, it was fun and the meal was tasty and the wine flowed. We all relaxed. The conversation revolved round many topics including sex and my missus was complimented by all saying how good she looked etc., etc. She was loving it ! When the topic of sex came up we were all laughing and joking and at that point , Stuart , who was a bit further advanced in the 'pissed' stakes than the rest of us blurted out that he had always fancied a romp with my lady. It went a bit quiet for a moment whilst we all took this in and then Jan just said "no time like the present !"

I was a bit taken aback by this but couldn't really object in view of my own exploits.

Jan flitted round the table and was soon sitting on Stuart's lap , giving him a good old snog. Everyone was whooping and clapping and Jan pulled him up to dance to the music. They were close together and at the end of the tune, Jan pulled away and Stuart had a very noticeable erection tenting the material at the front of his trousers.

Everyone else , sensing something was 'in the air' said "go on then ,Jan " and "help him out " and other ribald comments and so ,emboldened , she got on her knees and started to unzip him, letting a very acceptable cock out for all to see. She turned and deliberately looked at me as she stroked him with her left hand , with a look that said 'my turn!'

She turned back to him and had his cock in her mouth without further ado. My eyes were out on stalks and I knew what he was feeling because she is exceedingly talented at giving a blowjob. I was definitely aroused and although I always thought I'd be jealous, strangely enough I wasn't. It had gone very quiet at the table and we were all mesmerised as they progressed from BJ to stripping each other. Jan's breasts were exposed and then her pussy and then she was completely naked in front of everyone. You could tell she was now ready as her pussy was actually glistening . At this point Dave the host got up and moved out with them and had his trousers off in a flash. Now , Dave is a big guy, big in the stomach area and hairy as well and he was sporting a hard-on that meant business too. His wife and Sue had slid their chairs down the table and were on either side of me and before long they were stroking my own hard-on through my trousers. Sue whispered in my ear that Jan was going to get a "good seeing to !"

And so it proved to be... with her on her knees facing away from me, Stuart moved behind her and slid into her. Her neck arched and she was pushing back to meet his thrusts, one hand on the floor and one hand on Dave's cock. They , quite simply, fucked till they both had their orgasms and then Dave took his turn inside her. My cock was at bursting point when Sue pulled it free and I am ashamed to say one stroke later and my load shot straight up in the air and landed on the three of us...

There was a period of silence as everyone got their breath back and before long it turned into what I can only describe as an orgy . It wasn't an orgy of 'gorgeous flesh' just some very ordinary people of all shapes and sizes playing with each other.

When the evening finished, it felt like an attitude of 'relief' and 'thank heavens that has happened at last' was in the air. We got dressed and went home. My missus was purring like a cat and we managed a decent fuck at home recalling the events. I couldn't help but ask how she had felt and how their cock's had felt and her replies made me hard all over again.

I have to admit I am a lucky man !