Written by Eamos

12 Jun 2012

Both of our wives were sitting together on the settee chatting and giggling , me and my mate went in to the kitchen to get a beer and carried on revealing our wives fantasies etc.... He told me that she has always talked about another cock fucking her while they had sex....... I told him that we always talk about sexy situations like the one we were in , I also told him that we have had a threesome before with another mate of mine.....

Just as we walked back in to the lounge I was gob smacked , both women were kissing , his wife was down to her knickers and rubbing her clit and moaning , he said fuck it let's get started! His wife got up and lead me into the kitchen and kissed me , she was very horny , pressing her wet cunt against my crotch moaning. I could hear my wife also moaning in the other room , I was horny as hell .

We were stood in the middle of the kitchen when I worked my way down to her very very wet lips , her knickers were pulled to one side and I put my mouth around both of her wet lips and teased her with my tongue, she loved it , I pushed my finger in her and she let out a big moan , at this point my mate and my wife had walked in to the kitchen to see what we were doing , both were obviously turned on , they wanted same room fun for a while

We all went upstairs to the bedroom and claimed in to bed , a lot of moaning and kissing , touching , then his wife said that she wanted me alone down stairs , she was dripping wet , I turned to my wife and mate to tell them but they were too busy , he had his finger buried deep in her pussy so we left them to get on with it .

Down stairs I asked if she was ok and she said yes more than fine , she wanted to have more space to fuck me she said , great stuff !!! , she then went down and put my cock in her mouth and was sucking me hard , she didn't deep throat like my wife but still could suck good and sucked even harder when we heard my mate and wife starting to fuck each others brains out !! She then turned me around and licked my ass , pressing her tongue deep as she could , teasing me !!

After some hard licking It was my turn to lick her wet lips , I could here every moan , every dirty word that my wife was saying to my mate and fuck me it was good , he was fucking her hard ! , his wife was dripping wet as I continued to lick and finger her , she then stopped me and said that she wanted to sit on my cock , I sat down and she straddled me and slipped my dick inside her , she was wild on my cock , she moved with the rhythm of her mans and my womans loud moans , she came really hard and I had to release tension and filled her

After we finished she went to the bathroom , they were still fucking upstairs for another 10 mins , I was listening and was horny and hard , his wife returned and lit a cigarette . A minute later my mate came down and said that my wife wanted me to go up , i went up to her and she was liad on the bed legs open with a massive wad of cum all over her pussy , i couldnt see her face , her top half was under the duvet , I waisted no time and licked her horny lips , she loved it , I moved up her sexy body and slipped my cock in her and asked her if she had a good time , she said she loved it but was not finished with him yet

By now I could here my mate fucking his wife down stairs , I asked my wife why she had asked me to come up and she said that she wanted me to see her pussy covered in his come and to ask if he can fuck her ass, I said of course , mind blowing !!! I turned her over and teased her ass with my cock she was so wet half of my cock slipped straight in so i teased her for a while , trying not to come .

Just as I pulled my cock out my mate walked in to the room and said the his wife wanted more down stairs , I got up and left my wife face down ,legs open with a very wet horny ass , I told him to enjoy as I left them too it , I wasn't even at the bottom step when I heard her moan ( a moan she only does when being fucked in her ass)

I went into the lounge and was laid on the settee with her legs open , asking me to lick her while she listened to them fuck upstairs , I licked and pushed my fingers in her while she stoked my cock until she heard my wife cumming hard then she came hard , my mate carried on for a minute longer , then he came , it was amazing to here it , knowing what was going on

My wife then came down stairs and his wife went up to him , my wife took my cock and sucked me dry , swallowed every drop !! We then cleaned our selves up and got a taxi home.".........