Written by Eamos

12 Jun 2012

My wife and I went out to meet some friends of ours just for drinks (all innocent ) my wife was dressed casual in tight jeans and t-shirt

We met the other couple and had a few drinks at a couple of local pubs and everything was fine and normal conversation about. Work,kids, life etc....

After a few more drinks I noticed my mate was chatting and flirting with my wife , I didn't mind and carried on chatting to his wife about everyday life etc.. My mate then got up to go to the bar and his wife went to the toilet, my wife sat next to me with that look in her eye , I told her that I noticed him flirting , she said that he was and she liked it and had a very naughty smile (a smile I knew so well ) I said that It would be good if she flirted back and that I will flirt with his wife, she agreed

They both returned with drinks and sat opposite from us and carried on as normal , after a while my wife started chatting across the table to his wife and I was chatting to my mate, every now and then they would laugh and look at both of us , it was a very mosphere and I noticed my mate wink at my wife ........ I took the opportunity and said to him that if he carries on flirting with her she will want more than a wink , he said really!? I said yes she loves it and that she had already told me that she was enjoying him flirting with her , he had a smile on his face .

I then got up to go to the bar , to my surprise his wife offered to help carry the drinks ,leaving my mate with my wife ,

While at the bar she started flirting with me telling me that my wife had told her about our sex life , I said that's what all laughing and looks was about at the table and she said yes , I said it's all true and that I am a horny bloke who loves it , she just said hmmmm and smiled

We returned with drinks and my mate was sat in my seat chatting to my wife , we put the drinks on the table and both my wife and his wife went to the toilet, I asked my mate if he was enjoying "chatting" to my wife and he said yes and asked me the same about his wife , I said that we hadn't chatted that much but was flirting , he said that she was loving it and was every bit a horny woman and loves naughty talk , I said the same about my wife ,

The both returned from the toilet and my wife sat on the opposite table and called me over , I went and Sat with her and his wife sat with him at the other table , my wife said that she had been chatting in the toilets about the flirting and his wife has invited us all back to their place for some fun ,but wanted to make sure with her hubby first , great I said , I looked across to my mate and he was smiling and his wife just looked at me and smiled

He then asked to speak to me alone so i swapped tables with his wife, he told me that his wife wants to have some fun but wanted him to tell me what she loves to do in bed, I was more than willing to listen and said that I will tell him what my wife loved, he told me that she loves to be licked and teased and loves talking dirty , I told him that my wife has the most sensitive nipples and loves slow horny sex at first and that she gets very wet and loves to be licked to orgasm and then she will give him the suck of his life , he was clearly excited and told me that his wife loved rimming giving and recieving , I told him that if she is really turned on the she loves anal and always talked about another man fucking her ass...

At that point the wives came over and said that the taxi was ordered , we got back to their place and the women sat together .............

More to come if anyone wants to hear the best bit ????