Written by Firestarter69

7 Sep 2014

It started as a fantasy......I loved thinking about my wife fucking other guys with me watching her getting screwed senseless......but the fantasy needed taking further..

After lots of talking and reassuring that it didn't mean I didn't love her and was just twisted enough to want to watch her fuck other guys, we finally took a first step of going to a swinging club.

Long (but great!) story short, she ended up on a chair, sucking and fucking a group of five guys one after the other.

Seeing her being used and enjoyed by these men had me rock hard and wanking furiously as she took one cock after another, with wild lustful eyes encouraging them all to use her as they wished.

She ended up sat on top of me on the floor, my cock in her pussy, another in her mouth and a third, causing her eyes to almost pop out, sliding in and out of her sexy little arsehole.

Now THAT was a great night!

The reason for the brevity of that bit was to get to the next part that happened on Friday.

As sexy and horny a sight as that club trip was, I wanted more. I wanted to see what if felt like to be properly cuckolded, removed from the scene but still involved...

I asked my wife if she'd get dressed up sexy, go out to town, flirt her little ass off, and see if she could pull and fuck a complete stranger. If she could, the only stipulation was that she was to call me and leave the phone on the side so I could hear everything that was happening.

After a short while she agreed and last Friday it happened!

She went out for a drink with a mate and got chatting to a lad she quite liked the look of and who was up for the idea - well, let's be fair here, my wife is gorgeous, and being offered a free fuck from her, anyone would be a little daft to say no!

She texted me to ask if I really wanted her to go through with it, which I obviously said yes to and, after arranging to meet him later, came home quickly to change into a more suitable outfit!

Watching her shower, shave her pussy and get dressed knowing it was for the benefit of another man was a thrill in itself, but the lustful eyes she had made it even hornier to watch.

With a kiss goodnight, off she went to meet him.

Hours passed with the odd text updating me before finally I got "we're just off to a hotel" followed by "we're about to start.."

A couple of minutes later, my phone rang, and my heart nearly beat it's way out of my chest when all I heard the sound of her sucking the lucky bloke off and then the phone being put down and the horniest moans and sighs coming from my wife as he went down on her.

This carried on for a little while before a could hear them moving and I caught the word "condom" - god I was about to hear him fuck my wife....

The feeling I experienced was fantastic. My gorgeous wife, acting as slutty as I'd asked her to for some stranger she hardly knew, and his hard cock was about to slide into her silky shaved pussy. I was in a whole other world, and feeling ready to burst!

I heard my wife moan again and I knew he'd entered her. The moans and sighing I heard told me he was really going for it and it I was enjoying the sound almost as much as it sounded like they were.

They fucked for ages, I could hear them moving about and I guess changing positions, it was a very intense but sexy experience.

My wife finally picked up the phone and said "I hope you enjoyed that! - see you in the morning"

I certainly did and couldn't get the thought of them fucking out of my head.

I wanked and came several times that night, feeling hornier than I had for a long time!

I finally heard the door open the next morning and my wife came straight up, started sucking my cock hard (didn't take much persuasion!) and then sat on it telling me she'd only been fucking the other guy (again!) half an hour ago!

Thing have not been the same since.......she constantly has a filthy, cheeky, lustful look in her eyes and I want to fuck her every single secong (not really much change there though!).

We both want the same thing to happen again and I absolutely can't wait!