Written by JM

31 Mar 2008

My wife and I have been married over twenty years. We have always had an active fantasy of getting her fucked by someone else. Our sex life has always been good but lately has become a bit mundane. We began to talk of actually living out our fantasy. I travel quite a bit and my wife occasionally joins me. We were staying at a nice airport hotel that is frequented mostly by businessmen. While we were having dinner we talked of actually getting her fucked and she said that if I really wanted to do it she would try. We decided that she would go in the hotel bar by herself and see if anyone approached. I was sure someone would since she is still quite beautiful in middle aged with a nice body and very large firm tits. She headed for the bar and after about 20 min I went in an set at the other end of the bar from her. A nice looking middle aged gentleman was already talking with her. After another 15 min she went to the restroom and my cell phone vibrated. It was her and she said he had invited her to his room for a nightcap and asked if I still wanted to go through with it. I told her to go for it have a good time but come to our room as soon as possible so I could have sloppy seconds.

They left the bar and I finished my drink and headed to our room. I was so horny thinking of what they might be doing I jacked off once but got hard again almost immediately. After about and hour and half I heard the key in our door and my wife came in looking a little disheveled but sexy and when I asked how it went she asked if she looked freshly fucked. She stripped and laid on our bed and I rolled over between her legs and shoved my dick in. Her pussy felt incredible. It was really wet and sloppy with someone else\\\'s cum. I added mine after only a few strokes and then told her to tell me all the details. She said that not only had my fantasy come true but also hers. I might add that hers has always been to get fucked by a really big dick. She told me that as soon as they entered his room he turned her around and kissed her. She kissed him back so he started playing with her tits. She then started rubbing his cock through his pants. She said it felt really big. He then lay-ed her on the bed and slide his hand up her dress pulled her panties aside and fingerfucked her. She then unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest cock she had ever seen. She said it must have been 8 or 9 inches long, very fat,hard and uncut. They totally dis-roded and he spread her legs wide and she guided his cock to her pussy but told him to be very gentle since she had never fucked a cock as big. He slide in a few inches and began to fuck her with 4 or 5 inches. She said it felt great and she grabbed his ass and pulled him in up to the balls and it went so deep she began to cum. She told him to fuck her hard and he stroked with the full length for about 10 min. pulled out stroked his big cock a couple of times and shot his cum on her stomach and tits.

They relaxed and talked for a while and he began to casually play with her tits and she begain to play with his cock which started to respond. He then whispered that he wanted to fuck her again and she asked if he would fuck her from behind which is her favorite position. She then moved onto her arms and knees with her ass and pussy in the air and he got behind her and slowly started to slide his huge dick back in her pussy and fucked her slowly. She said it felt incredible going deeper than she had ever had it. He fucked her this way for about 20 min. then rolled her on her back and placed her legs over his shoulders and shoved it back in and fucked her hard for about 5 min and when he said he was coming she told him to cum in her pussy. She said she knew I wanted to experience sloppy seconds. After he came deep in her pussy they relaxed and she said she had better go since she had an early flight.

This happened about a month ago and we still have incredible sex reliving her first strange cock since our marriage. I asked if she would like to do it again and she said not unless she could find another huge cock. We have been talking about it since he had given her his business card and he is in a city only about three hour drive from ours.