Written by Happy Hubby

24 Mar 2017

Some years back whilst chatting with a buddy, I told him I had always wanted my wife to play....but knew she wouldn't. On night out with these friends I hatched a plan. Whilst at the bar I told my mate Chris I wanted to put it to the test... I knew he would be up for it as he had regularly played away.....he told me that he had always fancied her....so very willing. The plan was forming.... I suggested that at the end of the evening as we said our goodbyes he should give her ass a squeeze to test the waters....I told him she was wearing little black thong so should get good feel of her ass. It was agreed we would progress this if she said nothing to me about it on the way home......she said nothing.....so I thought now onto next stage... I text Chris the next day... telling him to send her a text in couple of days saying it was great to see her & suggesting meeting for a lunchtime drink...... He sent me a text to let me know message sent.....again Jane said nothing.

A few days later I received text from him....saying she said it would be nice to meet for lunchtime drink.....I was both shocked & excited! He told me he had sent her a couple of flirty texts since she agreed to keep up interest.

Next message from him was confirming a date had been agreed.....on that morning she told me she had to go to big hotel in town for meeting with Chief executive of her company so would need to look her best.... I smiled at her very knowingly.... it was her excuse for looking so hot!! best undies on that day.....

I text Chris telling him she was looking sexy.....I got smiley face back!!

His next text was that evening giving me details of how hot she looked.....they shared bottle or two of wine.... he told her he had booked a room.....she laffed saying don't be silly.....but he said not joking & showed her room key....these was a pause before he lend forward & kissed her whilst his hand rested on her thigh.....he whispered shall we go up.....and took hold of her hand.... once in the room he quickly unzipped her dress before she could get cold feet.....she put her hand to his crotch & smiled at him.

He pushed her back onto bed....as she looked up at him he removed his trousers & shirt....he dropped to his knees & began kissing up her legs & lapping at her pussy thru lacy panties....he slid them down & licked her by now wet smooth pussy....she moaned....he then moved up her body & removed her bra.....her 36c boobs with big nipples were in his face, I had told him she loves her nipples sucked! she moaned more as his cock entered her......he fucked her hard & fast......they both soon came & fell back onto bed.....he told me that he fucked her three times that afternoon!!

When she came home I asked how the meeting went.....she told me it long & hard.....I smirked to myself....thinking yes I know because Chris told me......

He told me he wants to repeat meeting......not happenned ...yet