Written by Simon

4 Nov 2013

This might be tame to some but is a true story!my wife & I recently went to my sister in laws birthday party & as it an hours drive away we decided to stay over so we could both drink. The party was a chance for my wife Caroline to catch up with old family & friends that she hadnt seen for a while, but she seemed to be spending a lot of time talking to 1 couple in particular & when I finally decided to go over & speak to them my wife introduced them as John & Liz. Both were like us in our early 40's & they had been to school with my wife.

We all got on famously & the evening passed quickly as we chatted, danced & drank!

I couldn't help but notice that John & Caroline spent most of the time flirting though & when John & Liz went to get some drinks I asked her about John. It turned out that John was an old boyfriend & she jokingly said "i always remember his big cock! Wouldn't mind playing with that again" but I laughed it off as the drink talking. Now we have always been open about sex but despite several conversations on the subject of her with another man it has never got past the talking stage. At that moment John & Liz came back so I couldn't say anymore. We finished our drinks & John asked if we wanted to come back to theirs to continue the party & we both agreed. When we got to theirs more drink flowed & Liz put on some music & we all danced as you do when you're drunk. A slow song came on and John grabbed Caroline, leaving me & Liz together! It became clear later that what happened next was clearly planned by our hosts as they have "swapped" before! John was grinding into Caroline & was quite clearly holding her breast, he then started to kiss her passionately! All the time Liz was slowly rubbing my cock through my trousers. This was it there was no going back now as it was clear that both of us were past the point of no return. John led Caroline upstairs while Liz was greedily sucking on me, I needed to see what the others were up to so followed suit & went upstairs. John was already fucking her for all his worth with his massive cock. I bent Liz over in front of me & took her from behind as we both watched our partners in front of us. After it was all over we promised to keep in touch although we dont know if it is best to keep it as fantasy fulfilled or try it again.