Written by b_wkd

14 Mar 2010

My wife and I recently went on holiday to the Algarve. We love getting our kit off on the beach but on this occasion weren’t sure despite Internet searches where the nearest bare beach was. On the first day we stuck around the pool area. I had bought her a thong bikini as a bit of a joke as I didn’t think that she would dare to wear it when others were not similarly dressed. However once again she surprised me by taking off her sarong to reveal the very brief halter top that did little to cover her lovely boobs and the thong bottom that was a tiny triangle. I knew that if she was laid down and opened her legs a little, that her pussy lips and puckered hole would be on full view… it was at this point I found it prudent to turn over for a short while!

Seeing a few other women topless the top half soon went on the floor and I once again had the pleasure of seeing her tight little nipples out in the sun. She sat up and slowly rubbed her big boobs with cream and I could see her looking around to see who was watching – we do love an audience. A German guy with a young family was laid on his front facing us on the row in front and despite his dark glasses it was clear that he was having a good look. He had a shaved head and a hard lean body – I knew that this was her type of guy.

Over the course of the afternoon I saw her flirt with him by gradually revealing more to him. She went from slightly opening her legs to opening them a bit wider, then on the pretence of adjusting her thong she moved it to the side so her lips could be seen.

As the afternoon drew to a close most people went in however we like to stay out late. The German guys family packed up and went back to their room leaving him on his own. With no one else now in the way she raised her game by putting one leg either side of the sun bed and giving him a real good look. I could imagine her pussy lips all slippery with sun cream and pussy juice, she had sat up a bit now and was once again rubbing cream on her boobs, concentrating on her nipples which were sticking out. After a while of staring at her snatch he sat up on his sun bed with his legs to the side, his big swollen dick was clearly visible in his tight black shorts. He looked our way again and smiled and I made some comment about how ‘this was a nice time of day’. He came closer to chat and sat on the bed next to my wife. She turned her body to face him and said that ‘it’s nice but she preferred somewhere where she could wear less clothes’. He agreed and we started talking about nudist beaches. He said that there was one about 10 miles away. We didn’t really understand his directions so I asked him if he would come back to our room and show us on a map.

When we got to our room I got out the map and put it on a coffee table, A went in the bathroom and I could hear the shower running, a few minutes later she came out of the bathroom stark naked. She came over to where we were and sat opposite us looking at the map – leaning forward so her boobs were hung down and with her legs parted showing off her small strip of hair and her swollen lips.

Stefan again made no pretence of not looking, but openly stared at her beautiful body. Again his dick started to swell and A said ‘they look a little tight? Why don’t you take them off?’

He pulled down his shorts and a nice thick cock sprang out, about 8 inches with a small helmet and a tapered shaft. I knew what she was thinking… my cock has a massive helmet and she finds it hard to fit in her arse but this was her ideal shape. She stood up and moved in front of him, they kissed deep and his hands were on her arse, feeling her tight butt and running a finger down between her cheeks, stopping to rub her arse hole and then going further down to what was now her sopping wet pussy. She opened her legs and her hand dropped to his cock. She wasted no time but fed it into her hungry hole. He lifted her up and sat her on his cock and started to pump inside her, short quick strokes, her legs were locked around his back and he moved over to the desk by the window and sat her on it. Her arms were round his neck and they were kissing, her nipples were hard as bullets, I knelt down behind them and watched closely as his cock was sliding in and out of her, his big balls swinging. She sat on the edge and he pushed her legs up high and apart, opening up her hole so he could easily slide in all the way. Her big boobs were shaking as he pounded into her, deep strokes hitting her clit as he fed it home and rubbing her g spot as he pulled it out. Her juices were shining on his hard cock and there were lots of them. Soon he pulled out and bent her over the desk, she rested her head on her forearms and her tits swung down jerking back and forth as again he took pleasure in her wanton hole. He reached forward and started to pull on her sensitive nipples. Pulling her tits towards him with her nipples, stretching them out, until unable to stretch anymore they slipped free and swung back whereon he took hold again and pulled. This was driving her wild, she loves being dominated and certainly doesn’t mind a bit of abuse.

Again pulling out he knelt down behind her and started to push his fingers in her, I wondered where this was going as two, three, then four fingers were pushed firmly inside her. Her pussy was so wet and slippery with a mixture of juice and pre-cum that she took it all and then he moved his hand around a bit, she was squirming and groaning, clearly close to a massive orgasm and with a thrust he tucked his thumb into his palm and pushed his hand inside her. This was something we had always fantasized about but here it was happening in front of my eyes. Her legs were wide apart and all I could see was his wrist sticking out of her pussy. Her lips were stretched tightly around his wrist, her cheeks spread far apart, it was an amazing sight. Having gained entry he then started to slowly pump his wrist in and out, she turned her head to look at me and there was a massive smile on her face and she mouthed the word “yes!” as he began to bring her to a massive orgasm. She started to come and it went on for ages, deep groans came from her every time he moved his hand and floods of juice were running down over his wrist and down her legs.

Having given her some incredible orgasms he pulled out and her stretched fanny was a beautiful sight. Covered in juice you could see right up inside her. He pushed his cock back in but must have thought that he had loosened her up a bit too much for now and as soon as his cock was well lubed he pulled out and held his cock end against her tight little arse hole. She is certainly not averse to some anal when turned on and I knew that she would be well up for it now. She pushed back against his knob and it slowly disappeared inside her, her tight ring opening to accommodate his lovely cock. Once past her ring he held it in her for a while allowing her to get used to it and then he inched it in slowly bit by bit. She loves it really deep and he certainly did that, pushing forwards till his balls were resting on her pussy lips. Having got the depth he then started to give long strokes his cock nearly coming all the way out as he used her tight ring to stimulate his glans and then pushed in again. Soon he had that look on his face and holding tightly to her hips he pushed in and out frantically for a few strokes before coming with several hard spurts deep inside her bowels.

His softening cock finally slipped out followed by a flood of creamy white spunk and he held her close and deep kissed her. Pulling on his trunks he smiled, said ‘thanks, see you later,’ to us and slipped out of the door.

She looked totally ravished but I was not going to let her get away without letting me sample some of what she had just let him take. Deciding her still open arse with cum trickling out looked just too good to miss I quickly laid her on her side and slipped inside. My fat knob end slipped easily past her ring and deep into her arse. I could feel the sticky mess of his come inside, slippery and so, so hot. It was like pushing my cock inside a jug of hot oil. My knob end swelled even bigger and the pressure of her tight ring at the start of each stroke really did it for me, much too soon I felt the pressure mount and then with a few big pumps I added my spunk to her come filled hole.

It had been a great first day and we decided that we would hire a car to try the nudist beach that Stefan had told us of the next day. Later that night in the bar we got chatting to Stefan and he invited himself along. I will get my wife to tell you about what happened on that trip!