27 Dec 2018

Well being xmas we had a few of the family round for dinner and the son in law brought his brother who was at a loose end. He's 32 my wife's 57. Through out the afternoon my wife had a few glasses of wine and was getting a bit friendly with the brother.i didn't really take much notice, however by about 6 pm she was sitting in the lounge on the same sofa. I was beginning to think that she was being a bit to friendly.

Anyway when the gusts all left at about 930, we cleaned up the mess and went up to bed. The wife said she noted a bath so I went straight to bed. When she got out of the bath and came into the bedroom I nipped into the bathroom for a wee. Her clothes were on the floor so I pushed them out of my way with my foot. As I did so I noticed her black panties so picked them up and had a look. They were sticky and stained at the gusset . I smelt them and could smell her cum.

When I went to back into the bedroom I asked her how her knickers had got wet? She first said Ido t know what you mean so I went and got them. I showed her the crotch and said you have cum in them haven't you? She went red I the face ? I asked her had he fingered her? She said no. I said why were they wet then? She didn't know what to say. I said you have been flirting with him all afternoon. She said she was just being friendly. I said do you always cum in your knickers when your being friendly? She blushed.

I asked her if she had fantasised about him fucking her? She didn't answer. I got in bed and stroked her leg all the way up to her pussy. I stopped at her lips and asked her again if she. Wanted him to fuck her, she said no. I then pushed my hand between her legs and my fingers went straight I her pussy, she was wet!i said if your not wet for him then you are for me and started to wank her off.

By this time my cock was hard, so I lifter heir leg and stuck the tip at the entrance of her pussy and pushed the tip in! She sighed as it slid inside her she was nice and wet. I then started fucking her nice and allow and deep I kept saying I bet you wish this was his cock pumping your pussy? She was starting to cum. I sped up and fucked her pussy hard and deep. She was cumming and getting very wet and fancy farting. I said I'm gonna shoot my spunk up you deep and pulled hard on her and rammed my cock balls deep as I shot my load up her. She screamed in pleasure and I kept pumping my spunk deep up her cunt. I pulled out and moved up by her face and said suck your cum off and put my cock in her mouth and let her clean me while I fingered her sloppy pussy until she came again.

I then sat astride her and wanked myself off and shot my spunk over her tits and face while she fingered her hole. A great fuck!