Written by Oldun

1 Nov 2009

I retired earlier this year while my wife, Liz, continues to work as she is mush younger, at 44. Liz is tall and slim with fair hair and small but still pointing breasts, and great long legs. She lovingly calls me "Oldun".

My sex drive is rather less than Liz's and we often use fantasy to bring me up to speed. A favourite is Liz servicing the young new starters at my old job in engineering, and nearer my retirement I stated that I knew a few had commented on how they would like to fuck Liz as they believed I was not giving her enough. Usual break room talk in a male dominated scene.

We eventually thought it would be good to see how far we could take this, as Liz is far more sexually needy than I am now, and seemed very interested and, to be honest, I really did like the thought of her being fucked hard by others.

We decided to go to a pub where we new the younger element in question gathered at the end of the week after pay day, and have a few drinks. Naturally we got dragged into their circle and as planned I then said I to leave to meet someone, and Liz played reluctant to accompany me. So I asked if the guys would look after Liz and the ribald acceptance comments were many.

Liz now tells it just as she told me, minus names.

After Oldun left the buzz changed, the atmosphere became more charged and subtle rude comments came out more and more into the conversation. Eventually it was suggested that I was to be looked after 'all night' and I replied it would take more that just the "boy" that said it. Immediately there was a total of five 'boys' all backing each other up. Of course there was still an element of doubt, but I carried on by saying there would have to be somewhere to go in comfort as I was not the sort of girl to miss-behave in the back of a car or a car park. One particular persons flat was then volunteered by the rest of them and some one offered to pay for a taxi to get there. I stood up to go to the girls room and stated that I would be ready to leave when I returned but that they would all be too chicken to do this for real. To be honest I was rather unsure of my own ability to go through with it more than theirs.

Once back at the table I saw another drink waiting and grinned, part in victory and part in relief. Until I was told that the taxi would be about 15 minutes so I could have another drink and blame the booze. I drank it. And another before the taxi mini bus arrived.

In the back I was sandwiched between two of them and one whispered in my ear that now was my last chance to back out, as he thought I would, because he and the rest really did want to "blow up" my tummy with a baby. Trying to look more confidant than I felt, I pecked him on the lips and said he was welcome to try. He kissed me and asked for my undies as a sign of good faith. I tingled all over as I removed them and they were passed round, lost for ever.

Two floors up in the lift and I thought I was going to do it in the lift. My jacket was being carried by someone and I had just shoes and my low cut short dress on. The dress was around my waste before the doors closed and fingers from two hands fumbled around and between my legs, a number of insertions happening before the doors opened. The corridor was pronounced clear and the zip on the back of the dress was drawn all the way down as we walked the twenty feet or so to the flat. I may well have run at this point if one of them had not pinned me to the wall to kiss me and insert two fingers into me while the door was unlocked. I nearly came over his fingers as the door opened but he withdrew them at that moment.

There was a rush of activity as I was almost marched inside and into a small lounge with a large two seat sofa and a single chair and coffee table, from which the games console was hurriedly removed along with some tins and cups.

I was pushed up against the sofa back and kissed hard as the dress was lifted, breaking the kiss to get it over my head. In a few moments of chaos I found myself sat on the sofa back wrapping my arms and legs around someone so as not to fall backward onto the sofa seat. I cried out in surprise as a cock was suddenly deep inside me, and it was soon pumping rhythmically away, returning me to my almost coming state of earlier. And in a very few minutes I did come, just as the cock inside me did too. I was now a proper slut!

There were some supportive comments from the others as I was then bent over the sofa back, bum in the air, and another cock was roughly inserted into my sperm filled hole. My hair was grabbed and pulled back so I had to look up, into a phone cam, while someone behind me, maybe the one fucking me, said, "It's about time you were bred, fucked to the big fat belly your old man has never given you. Want some more spunk up you?" I could not find words to reply and was asked, "Do you want a fat belly Liz, do you want more spunk up your teasing fanny? We've wanted to fuck you for ages so do you want a big fat baby belly full of spunk from us all or what? Say, Yes please boys, fuck me pregnant!" I paused until I was slapped once on the rump and then said yes please fuck me pregnant. A small cheer went up.

The other three also fucked me over the sofa back, it seemed like ages and I came more times that I can count. I lost the feeling in my legs and nearly fell over when the last cock was removed. A couple of them helped me to the floor right where I was and one of them just got between my legs and began to fuck me again. He told me as we fucked that at the summer function that year he and the other four had rated the company wives, and I came out fourth most fuckable and and second most likely to cheat on my husband. Someone else piped up that he had rated me the biggest cock tease, even though I never did anything to warrant all this, that I know of.

Soon he was ready to shoot again and lifted my legs up, "to get those sperm nice and deep" he said, and then he came. Another one fucked me right there, and then I was moved in front of the sofa, the owner saying not to put me on it to avoid stains!

I was mounted on top of one cock and told to ride it like a whore, and a phone cam was put in front of me showing me being fucked from behind over the sofa back, the camera moving to different angles, and then me being fucked on the floor too. I was then given a cock to suck and that was filmed too, while I was still riding the other one.

Once the cock under me had spurted inside me I was put with my face into the sofa seat and fucked from behind for ages, I lost track of the world almost entirely. I was asked if my Husband was in on all this and I mumbled something to the positive. My phone was put near my face and I was told to select Olduns number. He was sent a text saying I was going to be fucked all night and returned pregnant with quintuplets at least. The fucking carried on for ages.

Finally I was left to sleep on an inflatable mattress in front of the sofa, with a quilt and a pillow.

Several times in the night someone came out and fucked me again, so I was always wet and no one had any trouble getting it in. One of them, as he fucked me, told me I really am a cheap slut as I could easily have walked out by now but had stayed, so I must be enjoying lots of young cock. He also said he used to masturbate while thinking about fucking me in the toilets at the summer function, where I would fuck several men during the night in his fantasy. Do all men fantasise about every day women like that?

I was oblivious to identities through the night and honestly enjoyed the treatment, tired though I was, coming often.

After daylight I was allowed to shower and blow dry my hair, (Yes he has a hair dryer!) but had to have another dose of sperm from each of them, back on the inflatable again, before I could leave. Each time I was fucked, all on my back, I was told that I was now either, up the duff, had one in the oven or whatever, and that we would do this again soon. And no I could not have any of the video or pictures to take home, I had all the sperm instead. I then was allowed to call a taxi.

Oldun again.

The text got me really excited. When Liz got home I had to have her, no finesse just do it. She looked like she had had a rough night too.

Has she done it again? Oh yes, wanna here about it?