Written by RM

28 Aug 2007

I wrote here recently about the first time my wife and I lived out our fantasy of me watching her get fucked by someone else and then getting sloppy seconds after he came in her pussy. We had set up a situation that I hide in the closet and had a good view of the entire bedroom through louvers in the closet door. This was such a turn on and we relived it many times while we had hot passionate sex. We decided to try it again. The guy she had picked up, brought home and fucked had given her his phone number before he left. He had a good sized cock, about 7 or 8 inches and pretty fat. He was very gentle and had good stamina, so we thought we would try him one more time.

It had been about four or five months since she had fucked him so she was not sure if he would remember or want another round but she gave him a call while I listened. He definitely remembered her and said he had been waiting for her to call and that the night he had fucked her was one of the most exciting of his life. They got into a pretty erotic conversation and from what I could tell he was telling her what a fantastic wet pussy she had and how great fucking her tits had been. She was telling him about what a great cock he had and mentioned that she would not mind sampling it again. I believe he was ready to come right over but she told him that the next night would be better and they made a date for 9pm the next night which was a Saturday night.

All the next day we talked about a repeat session and decided the closet had worked very well and we should try it again. This time I got a more comfortable chair and we set the lights and candles the same and I had a great view of the bed and room. We got so hot talking and waiting that I wanted to fuck her but she said we should wait till after her friend left and I could have sloppy seconds again.

As 9pm approached we dimmed the lights in the house left the outside light on and shared a glass of wine. We watched as car lights pulled in our drive and I once again hid in the closet. We had picked out a short black teddy for her to wear with no panties and she looked fantastic.

The doorbell rang and she went to answer it. I could hear some quiet conversation and low moaning. Later she told me he had started to kiss her as soon as she opened the door and his hand immediately went to her pussy and he begin to finger-fuck her and that her pussy was already very wet. Finally they came to the bedroom and she started to undress him. His cock popped out and seemed even bigger than the first time. After he stood before her completely naked he leaned her back on the bed kissed her deeply and started working his way down to her tits. He sucked on them and played with her pussy and then moved down and started to suck on her pussy. She had her legs spread wide and around his head as he ate her pussy, then she moved around and started to jack his large cock. They then moved into a 69 position with her on top and she took most of his cock and started to suck it. I had a great view. He then said he was about to cum and she told him that she wanted him to fuck her and to try to hold off. He then moved around and got between her legs and put them on his shoulders as she guided his cock to her pussy. With one quick stroke he shoved his cock in her pussy up to the balls and started to fuck her very hard. This only lasted a few min. when he said he couldn't hold back. She told him to pull out and cum on her tits, which he did and shot stream after stream of cum on her tits.

They then relaxed sipped on their wine and talked. after about 15 min. she begin to play with his cock and it started to respond. She took some lotion from the night stand, put it on her hand and started to stroke his cock. She then told him that she wanted to cum and wanted him to fuck her from behind as that is her favorite position and is the easiest way for her to cum. By this time he was very hard again and he moved off the bed as she positioned her ass and pussy in the air on the side of the bed. He took his cock and guided it to her pussy, shoved it in full length and begin to fuck her with long solid strokes. They fucked like this for about 20 min. when she begin to cum and came twice before he said he was going to cum. She told him to cum in her pussy this time, which he did. As they relaxed and talked she asked if that would do it or could he get hard again. He said that they should relax and see how things developed. They talked casually for a while and sipped wine and then he begin to talk about what a great fuck she was and that her pussy was the best he had ever had. As the conversation turned again to sex she told him that he had the biggest cock she had ever fucked and it begin to get hard again. He said he wanted to fuck her one more time. She then took some more lotion and begin to rub it on his cock and it got very hard again. She then rolled over on top of him, mounted him and guided his cock to her pussy for the third time. They fucked this way for a long time as I got a great view of his long hard cock slide in and out of my wife's pussy. They then begin to try different positions and went through what seemed like every position there is. They must have fucked for an hour when he said he wanted to fuck her tits. He pulled out as she took some lotion and rubbed her very large tits with it as he placed his hard cock between them. She held the sides of her tits around his cock as he fucked them. Slow at first and then faster and faster and then he grabbed his cock, stroked it a couple of times and shot his cum on her face and tits.

She then told him that he had better go because by this time it was midnight and she needed her sleep. He asked for her phone number but she told him it would be better if they got together again that she should contact him. He said he hoped she would call and left.

I came out of the closet as she entered the bedroom naked and I threw her on the bed shoved my cock in her very sloppy pussy and came in two strokes because I was so horny. Again we have relived this many times but as yet have not repeated it.