Written by Astonbella

18 Mar 2016

We have been married for 20 great years and have three lovely kids,my wife is 5ft 4in, a very good looking woman indeed, she has a great body,very nice tits and great nipples, there the ones that once tweeted are like rabbit ears. I'm of a good build and we are both in our forties . For some years now we have roll played, imagining we are having a mfm threesome.

This one particular time stuck out, she was dressed to kill omg black stocking and suspenders, what a sight, she was very wet and very horny, she just came out with it your going to surprise me one day, I didn't say a word , a few weeks later I was licking her pussy saying faithfull pussy , she said don't spoil it,that made me do it more , her pussy was soaking wet and look fabulous it's trimmed and has a nice runway,

I carried on licking pussy but this time I said faithfull or unfaithful she replied don't please, I repeated my self again,well faithful or unfaithful again her reply was please don't spoil it , we'll come on Hun I want to know ,after a long pause she said unfaithful, I'm so sorry she said, it was that bad time we were going through and he was so understanding.

Omg Von wow , i am over the moon you were fucked ,was it G....t.. I asked, yes even better he's a nice fella ,where is he now babe in London , there's one thing I would have loved, what she asked to see you being fucked.

I'm really sorry she mumbled, It was only lust I have always loved you, I know I replied, don't worry. I asked her If I had done what you did then would you get revenge sex ? Well yes You know I would, so should go and fuck another woman,no please I couldn't stand that, her voice had a sense of panic about it, ok I won't but on one condition , what's that she asked very quizzicality ok we have a mfm, omg no I carnt, no way I'll do anything like that, well then I'll take my revenge , please please don't , well which do you prefer neither she replied, I said mfm or I fuck another woman, you carnt put me in this position please I so sorry, well Hun it's one or the other, she then mumbled Ok I'll do it .

Three months had past and we were invited to a dinner and dance Von was wearing a green long dress, she looked fabulous, she wore her blue bra, knickers suspenders and stockings looked wow , it was a superb night, we got back home it was about one o'clock , we both been drinking ,she said unzip me, her dress fell to the floor, what a sight so sexy, we put on some porn I pulled her knickers down and started to licking her I came out with unfaithful pussy, unfaithful pussy, She came out with to my surprise and you know it is,I'm going to have to see you being fucked, she was very merry but knew what he was doing, I will if fact I'll call this fella no you won't, I will ok then do it, I'll get some one, she thought I was just joking I got a accuantance on the phone he new what she looked like I told him the situation, I'll be round in about half a hour, true to his word he was knocking the door, who's that she said, oh you don't know, omg no dont let him in please im not ready for this well Von you had your fun and you don't want me to go off with another woman, she then decided to hide under the quilt

Trev came up to the bed room, no please send him away, how can I babe.

Trev got onto the bed next to her I got her out from under the quilt she looked at him omg no way he's to big it took a lot of reassurance until lust took over I turned the light back on and his cock a good 8 1/2 inches was slapping on her clit she was getting ver very wet,Trev then licked her pussy, you could see her juices glistening

I was tweaking her rock hard nipples, moaning in delight Trev slowly put his cock in place, he's to big I carnt that, he then pushed the head of his cock in to her until it was no longer visible, go slowly won't you von uttered in her pleasure, inch by inch until he fully penetrated her, omg you are so big she was now in her element and was being fucked I said to her is that nice it's Wonderfull better than me yes he is he pulled out and she climbed on him guiding his cock in, she was loving it so was I seeing my wife enjoying her self she got off and did a reverse cow girl that was a sight to see she was then taken from behind under her breath saying I carnt believe I'm taking all of him hey Hun you are enjoy it