Written by Bicuriousjeff

26 Mar 2014

My wife is 35, blonde, nice ass and little titties. I have told her about my fantasy for her to fuck another guy but she always changes the subject.

A couple of years ago I got my dream. we were on holiday in a nice hotel in turkey. a quiet resort with a lively resort close by. As the holiday went on I got hornier and hornier and one night after a few beers I told her exactly what I wanted her to do. And said she could do it tomorrow while on holiday.

well, long horny day the next day and then the evening came and we started to get ready to go out. I reminded her of what I said the night before and she replied, "ok, if you REALLY want me to". Wow! my heart was beating so hard at this.

She got read in a skimpy dress. she wore a lace bra and no knickers at my request. she never goes out without knickers! She looked amazing as we headed into town and into a bar. she always has guys eyeing her up and tonight was no exception. In one bar she spotted a few guys in a group and I knew this was it, my turn to leave......

4 hours later she turned up at the hotel looking so horny! she had that "just been fucked hard" look. she came over and gave me the sexiest snog ever! it was horny wondering who had kissed her and if she had sucked a guy off. She said to me "Thank you I've had an amazing night!". and preceeded to wank me off as she told me everything!!!