Written by sexy wife

19 Apr 2007

Well here is part 2 and as I was telling you Gale my wife was now playing with my prick as she carried on telling me what they got up to while I was at work. She was sat on the bed just wearing her blue thong as she had ben sun bathing topless showing off her fantastic tits which are 36c.

She said then when they were kissing she could taste her juices she could also feel Paul's prick pressing against her so she reach down and started to stroke it and while she was doing this Paul was moved downn to start sucking on Gales large tits which was sending her into another world. As Paul's prick grew she just wanted it in side her so she rolled Paul onto his back and just mounted his prick nice and slow she said that as the tip of his prick touched her pussy she just trembled and nearly came there and then that was the electric between them, she slowly lowered her self on to his prick until he was fully in and she could feel is balls against her. She said she stayed still for what seem ages just feeling this large prick inside her, she describe it with a large girth and what she though now was about 9 inch mine is 7 with a smaller girth so she was now in seven heaven.

She started to move up and down on what she said seamed to be a large thick shaft that was now very tight in side her pussy, they were moving together and Paul was now sucking on her now hard brown nipples which was sending her wild. She was so excited that her legs were now getting weak and could not keep in this position much longer so she climbed of him slid down his body and placed his now wet prick that was coated with her own juices into her mouth, which she said tasted so good.

Paul then turned her over and started to fuck her doggy stile which she said was fantastic, got to admit I was now on the verge of cumming myself, she carried on that he started slowly at first just teasing her with the tip of his prick her words not mine then slowly putting the whole of his 9 inch's inside her she said, if he could he would have got in balls in to. She could feel is prick hitting the back of her pussy he then started to move in and out of her sometimes stopping with just the edge of his prick inside her.

This was sending over the hill and she could not stand it any more,she wanted to be fucked hard, she then lost her self and screamed at Paul to fuck her hard and stop messing about. Paul did has he was told and started to fuck her hard and fast with each stroke she could feel is balls banging against her arse she said that she felt a sensation that she has never felt before, then she exploaded there and then with the biggest orgasams she has ever had, she said she was shaking like a leaf and could feel her juices running out of her pussy down the inside of her leg, which were thick hot and sticky.

She placed her hand under her so she could feel Pauls balls as they hit her she could also feel the length of his now very wet sticky prick as it slid back inside her she was in heaven.

While Paul was now fucking her hard he started to finger her arse hole now Gale hates that she does not like me playing with her arse hole so I was now intrigued at what next she was going to tell me. She was now sat on the edge of the bed with me facing her my boxer shorts around my ankles playing with my balls with one hand while still stroking me with the other. She said that when she felt is finger exploring her bum hole she titched and moved away from him but he just pulled her back onto his large prick, he started to use the the thick juices from her pussy to lubricate around her bum hole which she said felt strange to have something warm thick and sticky around her arse, he then started to slowly finger her bum hole but this time he gained entry as she was now well gone lapping up the fucking he was giving her. She said she felt one finger then two, I could not believe it her was my wife who would never let me near her bum hole never mind one finger. She said it was earth shattering she has never felt anything like this before being fucked by a large prick and at the same time having two fingers up her bum hole it was something she could not describe and that made her cum again. Well at this point I shot my load over Gales tits there loads of it every were all over her tits her neck she just lowered her head and took my prick right into her mouth and sucked and cleaned the rest.

Well I was in another world my wife had never been with any other man since we were married and she would never swallow my cum, let finger her bum hole and now she is telling me that she has let Paul shoot in her mouth, which she swallowed, she has been fucked hard and fast doggy style while being finger fucked up her arse, not just one finger but two,has had the biggest orgasam she has ever had and now she is cleaning me up. What next...............more to cum