Written by sexy wife

20 Apr 2007

Were was I, I had jut shot my load over Gales tits, and she was cleaning me off and I could still not get my mind at what she was telling me. All the time Paul was in the garden sun bathing. I said to Gale carry on what happen next.

She told me that he was giving her a hard fuck from behind and that is two fingers were now going in and out of her bum hole with the same rhythm. She said her head was spinning and she was moaning like hell in ecstasy her head was deep in the pillow and she was clutching tightly to the bed cloths with her bum high up in the air, Paul was now half standing over her thrusting is prick deep in side her and she was loving every minute of it. They were both sweating like hell as it was a summers morning. She then felt another finger enter her bum hole, she said it felt like she had two pricks inside the same hole there seem to be nothing between his prick and fingers, is left hand was now hold the side of her hip gripping her tightly so that she could not escape.

She said I nearly passed out and my whole body was shaking as I exploded again and again, but Paul was still fucking her he had not cum. Gale could not stay in this position any longer she was shaking and week, she lowed her bum down and with that Paul was now kneeling on the bed, none of them was saying a word, Gale was just morning with her face deep into the pillor every time he thrust his prick deep inside her.

Well I am still stood in front of Gale with my boxers still around my ankles and she was still playing with my balls and prick what a sight it must have looked as she was still covered in cum that was now drying.

Gale carried on, he then with drew his fingers, which left my bum with a tinkly feeling she said it felt like he was still inside her, her bum hope was open and she could feel the cool morning fresh air around it. Paul then started to rub more of her juices around her bum she lost count how many times she had cum. Gale told Paul that she wanted his fingers back in side her she just want filling. What she told me next got me hard again. Paul slid is prick out of Gales pussy and placed straight into her arse. She said that with just one stroke the whole of his prick went straight up her bum hole she scream out load and told him to fuck her hard, with that he put both his hand on either side of her hips and started to fuck her arse this she said lasted about 5 mins she then felt him tighten up, he said he was cumin and with that he started to twitch, she could feel is spunk shooting inside her bum it felt very warm . She said with that they just collapsed, him on top of her and they just lied there for about 30 mins not saying a word.

By now I was rock hard and she looked me straight in the eye and all I could see was pure lust. I asked her was that the best she has ever had, she said sorry yes. I kissed I could smell and taste my cum. What happen next I said, well we had a shower together I washed him and he washed me. Did anything happen in the shower she said no we were to exhausted. When she was dressed and came back into his bedroom to make the bed she said it smelled of sex she had never smelled anything like it before, the sheets, which are blue were covered in cum marks, so she had to change them.

They had lunch and then went out side to sun bath, she said I went topless because it was now no problem Paul had not only seen her tits, but had sucked them, licked her pussy, fucked her in both holes so might as well go topless.

By now she was wanking my prick taking the fore skin right down she was holding it like there was no tomorrow. So I said to her what did you mean about can't wait until tonight? Gale said that when she text me she had not had a shower and her pussy was swollen her bum hole was on fire and there was cum coming out of each hole, she could not believe what she had done and that I had was the one who told her to go for it, which she thanked me for by kissing my prick. She said I want to give you a treat tonight, I will make a special dinner and I want you and Paul to go down to the pub, I will ring you when dinner is ready. Then after dinner I want the both of you to fuck me in every hole and I want you to fuck my arse while Paul fucks my pussy at the same time. I could not believe what I was hearing but the lust in her eyes told me this was going to happen.

She then said right no more I want to get cleaned up, get your shorts on and get some rest in the sun before it goes down it was now about 4pm. She said when you go down to the pub don't drink to much as I want to be fucked all night. Thats another story..........