Written by joe

12 Feb 2016

My wife and I have been going to Turkey for many years - we always vistit the same places. She is 54 and for the last 4 years we have frequeted a particular bar in Fethiye. i noticed that she had a fancy for a young barman about 3 yrs ago, he was 21 at the time . She told me she was grooming him but i did not believe her. Over the next three years they became more friendly and each time we went to the bar it became more of a them and me situation. One night they danced after the bar was closed and there was just the three of us there. It was obvious that she was enjoying the attention of a young boy.

This continued for another three nights and then we went home. nothing happened as far as I know.

On our next visit a few months later, we went back to the same bar as usual - we spent every night there until the end of the evening. On this occasion my wife asked if she could meet up with him later !!!

I was drunk and said yes as long as he agreed and she was safe - she told me there would be no sex she just wanted to play about with him due to the 30 year age gap.

We stayed until everybody in the bar had gone and he put some slow dancing music on - my wife told me to pretend to be asleep in the bar while they danced in the dark.

I did pretend to be asleep for about 20 mins then "woke up" saying I wanted another drink - he poured me an extra , extra large gin and tonic which I watched him pour - it was obvious that he wanted me to get drunk and go back to "sleep" as the gin was about 5 times th e norm and was Gordons !!

The both of them had pre arranged a meeting later that morning at about 3am - I was oblivious to the fact other than I said she could go,,

We went back to the apartment and at about 3am she woke me up and said she we going to meet him. I was so drunk with the extra gin, i did not know what was going in and fell back asleep.

At about 5pm the front door of the apartment was shaking and woke me up. I opened the door and there she was, unable to open the door. She came in said he had not turned up and nothing happend.

I noticed she went straight into the shower but was still drunk so went back to sleep.

The next day she told me they had met up in a nearby garden and gone into the middle of the garden and had full sex, she was so pleased with herself for pulling somebody 30 yeare her junior.

She still keeps in touch and wants to go back in June for another session.