Written by b_wkd

14 Oct 2010

Thanks for the great response to "Cruise" that we posted last week. This happened later in the summer when we went over to Holland.

My wife, Bee and I, have recently returned from a caravanning holiday in the Netherlands. We had planned on “doing”all the nudist beaches up the west coast over the time we were there -hoping for the excitement that we both get on baring our bodies for all to see.

As it turned out we got much more than we had planned for!

We had booked a really nice site with all facilities – we didn’t realise just how comprehensive the facilities would prove to be!

On the second night there we had got back very late, spending most of the day on the beach with our bits out, Bee doing the usual trick of opening her legs, giving a flash to any guy she liked the look of, then stopping for a meal on the way back.

Deciding we would go up to the shower block rather than use our own (it was late so we thought it would be quiet as the whole site was in darkness and there was no one around and I didn’t fancy hauling all the water we would have used) we took our towels and were surprised to find that it was a communal shower. Laughing that the Dutch really were uninhibited we stripped off and started to shower. Virtually as soon as we had got in another couple turned up. They stripped off and were nicely tanned, like ours it was all over and they were speaking what we gathered to be German - they joined us a few shower heads apart.

The water was just the right temperature and we were enjoying being so close to a good looking naked couple. Her fanny like Bees was completely smooth and like me he had shaved his cock and balls. She had nice small boobs with big hard nipples.

Through the steam we could just see them and they were kissing as he rubbed shower gel into her back. Bee attracted my attention and mouthed “he has his fingers in her snatch”.

This made my cock spring to life and we both watched with increasing arousal as she leant with her arms resting on the wall, sticking her arse out as he worked his fingers deep into her pussy. His cock was stuck out and was a good size, about 7 inches and slightly tapered. He looked over to us and smiled, we nodded back and he took that as an ok and pushed his cock deep into his wifes fanny. She shook as he pounded into her and he reached round and pulled hard on her big thick nipples.

This was just too horny following on from a day on the nudist beach so we quickly did the same and Bee took the same position as her and I slipped my fat cock into her very, very wet hole. Bee has big firm tits and they were hanging down and swinging around looking so horny, we didn’t take our eyes off the other couple and then smiling he pulled out and they moved right over to us. She resumed her position this time with her head only a few inches from Bees and they looked into each other’s eyes. They moved their mouths closer and closer and then they were kissing, deeply, tongues entwined. My cock was so hard and we were pounding our women’s arses in unison.

Leaning back the guy moved so that I could see the full length of his cock sliding in and out of his wife’s pussy. Her lips were sliding back and forth over his big cock and you could see her creamy pussy juice on his shaft. I did the same so that he could see my cock and Bees hungry snatch. We slowed our pace, smiled at each other and watched our wife’s groping each other’s nipples and still kissing.

Looking towards him again he moved his hand in a gesture that unmistakably meant “did I want a go with his wife”, too right and I knew that Bee would love him so we each pulled out, the girls turned their heads our way and then smiled as we swapped over and re-entered their willing cunts. She was really tight and I could feel my fat knob end against all of the ridges in her slippery hole.

He was pulling right out and then slamming back in shaking Bees big tits and making her cry out with pleasure. After about five minutes he started rubbing his thumb against her slippery pussy lips, then moved it so he could slowly push it into her arse hole. Bee likes anal, especially when it’s with a cock with a smaller end and I knew that she would like his prick. Having opened her up he pulled out of her fanny and pushed his cock end against her now opened ring, skilful as he was he slowly pushed and she pushed against him. Gradually she took it in and I watched proudly as she took it right to the hilt. Not being one to be left out I decided to try my luck with the gorgeous woman I had my cock in and despite the size of my bell end she put her hands on her arse cheeks gripped them firmly and pulled them apart, opening up her ring and allowing me to easily push deep into her bowels. She was really tight and each stroke I pulled back so that I felt the grip of her ring squeezing my knob end. It was no good after a few minutes of doing this and having the incredibly horny sight of watching my gorgeous wife being fucked hard up the arse only inches from me I blew my load deep into her.

She squeezed me out with her arse muscles and pulled me towards the shower, taking my cock in her hand and washing it for me. I pushed her towards the floor, she laid down and I licked her pussy for all I was worth, sliding a couple of fingers into her pussy I teased her G spot feeling the horny ridges of her special spot and sucked her clit into my mouth stretching it out as if it were a little cock.

Soon she started to grunt and push her hips towards me then she orgasmed and with a spray of juice flooded my mouth with watery juice. We lay still and watched as our partners came to orgasm and I watched with pleasure as he took a few long strokes and dumped his cum deep in Bees arse.

Her legs nearly went from under her as she shook with a massive orgasm and we all sat on the shower floor smiling at each other and commenting on what fantastic sex it was. As we all walked out the shower together the site manager was just coming in and I wasn’t sure but got the feeling he could have been watching, he gave us a broad smile as we passed. It turned out they were pitched not far from us and we managed a few more fucks while we were there. Going to the beaches together, fucking in the dunes, the caravans and once more in the shower.

We have their number and plan on meeting them and some of their friends next year further up the coast.

As usual its your encouragement that makes us sit down and tell more of our adventures so if you like it please let us know.