Written by Kcoctaf7

26 Oct 2007

my wife was recently flashed at . My wife is 42 and likes to walk around a water park not far from where we live . A week ago today she was walking along one of the paths that run around the waters , this path ran along one of the small car parks that are dotted about , as it passes the car park it is about 5feet higher than the cars and about 10feet away with a small hegde line between the 2 . as she walked along a car was parked with its drivers door open and as she passed it a man in his mid 30s got out and stood level with the open door with his trousers and pants around his ankles and was wanking what my wife said was a large hard cock , my wife said that allthough she was a little shocked she was also facinated that he dare to wank in such a public area , she watched as she passed and she saw him shoot his spunk onto the gravel , shake his cock to shed the drips and jump back into his car and drive off quickly. she told me on the phone before i got back from work and it got me so horny that as soon as i got back we went upstairs and fucked . as we fucked i made her tell me over and over again what she had seen , how big his cock was how much spunk he shot , it was such a turn on . i have been interested in her seeing other mens cocks ever since she went to see a stripper at our local club and she showed me the photos her friends had taken of her holding his massive dick , am i wrong to enjoy this ?