Written by Hellbent2100

19 Oct 2010

I took the family on a holiday to a Pacific Island just 3 weeks ago and have to tell you about a great holiday that finally fulfilled a fantasy. Wife K 38DD, 35yrs, shaved pussy, trim taught and terrific, me 40yrs fighting fit.

I was looking forward to fucking my wife as much as I could on this break from hectic lifestyles, so booked Interconnecting rooms at the resort, but didn't get that, none available so here we were all bunked into the one room. At least our room was just 50 metres from the sand & sea.

The first night went by no action

The second night after the boys were in bed asleep I suggested grabbing a drink and headed down to the beach where we sat on a sun lounge under a fale. I started to massage K's back and found my way to her fantastic set of tits (no bra), and nipples like bullets - must be doing something right! Then made my way to her pussy (no panties)which was extremely wet and fingered her, her breathing was erratic, then K mumbled "fuck me hard now but be quick because the security guys patrol the area" but I had other ideas, so I got her on her hands & knees then proceeded to lick that sweet pussy for all I was worth. K was now wimpering and urging me to fuck her.

Then out from the shadows appeared a security guy and stood right next to K and said something about not being allowed to do this here. K grabbed his crotch and said to him that he had better join in so we won't get into trouble. Here is my wife of 10 years struggling to pull this guys cock out of his shorts. When she finally got it out she was shocked, the guy was hung like a horse, very black, very thick and very long.

K took him into her mouth and started blowing him although she did have a bit of a problem in getting her mouth around the cock, meanwhile I continued to lick her pussy. It was extremely sexy and turned me on like I would have never imagined.

I then mounted her and fucked her hard, whilst K continued to stroke and suck this strangers cock. She was now bucking like crazy, her tits bouncing back and forth, and nipples as hard as little rocks, now she was really mumbling to fuck her harder and deeper which I obliged and filled her pussy with spunk.

She was not finished though, she got up, my come dripping down her legs, gave me a passionate kiss licking her juices from my lips, laid her new found friend on the sun lounge and tried to mount him. I grabbed hold of his monster cock and guided it into my wifes soaked pussy. She rode him slowly at first getting used to his size, but then started to really bounce on his cock, it was a fantastic sight. This monster cock stretching my wifes pussy wide, while his hands were all over her big tits.

Our stranger was telling her she was fantastic and a great fuck, my wife was in heaven moaning, whimpering and then yelling out to fuck her harder. She then was blabbing and shuddering as an orgasm ripped through her body. Our friend however was not done and kept pounding her up and down on his pole, but finally after what seemed an eternity he came as well and filled her pussy with his spunk. She was impailed on his cock and just sat there gyrating on his cock.

K then pulled away from our new friend, struggled to stand up, her legs were just a bit wobbly, and cum was running down her legs. She said to him "thanks I needed that, now make sure you come back tomorrow night and bring a mate because I need lots of big black cock"

I fucked her again that night and was looking forward to tomorrow night

To be continued.........