Written by graham40

26 Dec 2008

my wife and i have just returned from a night out it has always beeen a fantasy of mine to watch my wife get fucked by a stanger i have aked anne a number of times especially when she has had a few drinks if she would do this but she has always refused up untill tonight we went ot early and by 8 30 she was very merry she had on a tight skirt and small top with white see throgh bra we noticed a guy with another party kept looking at anne i wnt to the gents and he followed me in we got chatting and he said how attractive my wife was and waht a lucky guy i was.

with that i left and he was still in there washing his hands i went back and said to anne that i had spoken with the guy who kept looking at her she said he looked nice i told her to cum with me i took her to the gents he was still there drying his hands he was really suprised to see her there i told him he could fuck her as long as i watched with that he walked over to her kissed her his hanfs were all over her tits she is small but has lovly erect nipples he undid her top and lifted her titts out licker nipples she felt for his cock which was noe stiff she took it in her mouth with that he turnerd her round bent het over the sink and fingered her wet cunt she was dripping he thrust into her she let out an almighy moan and lookede at me straight in the eys by this time i had my cock in hand she bent down and took it in her mouth he thrus about 10 times pulled out and came all over her arse wow he said that was great cleaned up and left she finished me off and we left hope to do it again