Written by Andre

8 Aug 2018

My wife and I have a couple of kids and always had a good sex life previous to children. However now she always seemed too tired and I wasn't into pressuring her.

8 months went by without is fucking and I was fucking desperate. I told her that I needed her to enjoy fucking again or I might look elsewhere. I told her that it needed to be more than just a fuck, it needed to have everything to keep me from straying...8 months was way too long.

She didn't say much and 2 night went by and I thought she had made her mind up. Get into bed one Wednesday night and she whispers in my ear 'do anything and everything you want, I am your complete slut'. I couldn't believe it.

I started off squeezing her fucking gorgeous tits and squeezing her nipples, licking them as often as I could and biting her flesh just hard enough to make her feel a bit of pain. I moved down to her cunt, not letting her touch me yet, I played with her clit. Really flicked it and pressed it. I asked her whose cunt it was, she replied 'it's yours, daddy' and I spat on her pussy before slipping 3 fingers up her.

She was begging me to fuck her and I said no, as I hadn't done what if wanted to yet. I turned her over and slapped her arse about 10 times, nice and hard so she knows her arse was mine too. Spat on her arse too, three times. It's my fucking arse and she loves knowing that.

By this time she is almost coming and begging to be fucked. O turn her over and ask her to open her mouth, which I spit in three times before telling her to spread her lips and then I enter her cunt.

She wanted it hard so she got the most powerful fuck she had ever had. Lots of biting and spitting during it, even slapped her a few times.

We both came, my wife before I did.

We lay in bed and she licked my cock up.

The next morning I had my sexy wife back she whispered that during the children's nap she wanted more cock in her mouth and more about on her arse.

My ultimatum worked... we're now looking to explore with another couple. Thank fuck.