Written by Peter

31 Jul 2017

This is a follow up to my letter of a couple of days ago. I wrote telling about how my wife enjoyed being fucked whilst I was away working. After telling me about being fucked by Keith, the following night she told me about another experience she had. It was with a surveyor who called to see her boss every week. She worked as her bosses secretary and receptionist. Each time he called he asked her for a date and each time she refused until one day she accepted his offer.

He picked her up from the office and took her for a drink. As they left the pub and walked to his car he put his arm around her which surprised her as sex hadn't been mentioned at all that evening and she thought how difficult it was going to be to remove her jeans as they were really tight.

When they got to the car he kissed her and then drove to a quiet spot in the docks. He then kissed her and uncovered her breasts, removing her blouse and her bra. He then lowered the seats so she was lying flat. As he touched her breasts she told me she moved her hand down to his thigh and felt his cock getting hard. She unzipped his fly as he unbuckled his belt and exposed his now hard cock. She told me it was a nice size, quite thick and that she wanted him to fuck her. She went down on him and sucked his hard cock.

Then she lay back and he began to remove her jeans, and, as she thought he had difficulty removing them. When he finally did her panties came off as well.

He touched her and she was very wet, as she normally does before being fucked. Then he went down between her legs with his tongue and started licking her clit. She told me it really turned her on and she was ready to fuck.

He then moved on top of her and pushed his hard cock inside her. She told me she opened her legs really wide so she could take every inch of his hard cock as he thrust it inside her. He fucked her harder and faster, gasping and grunting as he shagged her. She told me she climaxed loudly before he shot his load inside her. He collapsed on top of her before rolling off her. They lay quietly for awhile before he took her hand and placed it on his cock which had grown hard again. She told me she went down on him again taking his hard cock in her mouth again. He placed his hand behind her head and pulled her onto his cock.

Then he told her he wanted to fuck her again and moved on top of her again and pushed his cock hard into her. She came again before he again collapsed over her. He withdrew his softened cock from her and once again lay quietly alongside her before they both got dressed. She told me he would probably fuck her again when I was away next. I gave her another good shagging after listening to her telling me.