Written by Will

9 May 2012

Hi, my name is Will and I am married to Helen. Before I continue I wish to apologise now if this relaying of a recent experience goes on too long. Both of us are now in our middle fifties and have been married for over 25 years. During this time I have never been unfaithful to Helen, and equally Helen has never given me reason to think that about her. During our marriage Helen has never given me reason to be jealous or acted in a way that would make me think that possibly she would consider an affair. A few years back Helen returned to work having many years off looking after our growing children, it was not noticeable at first but returning to work and socialising with her colleagues outside working hours had definitely given her a new lease of life. Initially I was pleased about this as I know Helen would complain that I was hardly the most sociable and going out type of person. Needless to say I was happy for her and subsequently the benefit for me was that she was having an enjoyable night out. The other noticeable difference since her return to work has been her appearance. I suppose now with the children grown up and working we have more money for ourselves plus her new income this has enabled her to transform her appearance and I absolutely love it. Very feminine and elegant to say the least. And even the occasional high heel being worn with some outfits. Coupled with a new style haircut I find her even more attactive and sexy than before. Needless to say this new stunning appearance has at times made me feel very jealous and slightly insecure when she goes out with her friends, and therefore has me starting to fantasize totally over what and where she is going and will there be other men.

Two weeks ago we had attended a wedding and on our return home during the early evening we decided instead of doing our normal shop on a Saturday morning we should complete it then. So rather overdressed we proceeded to do our shop. As usual I tended to wander off looking at other aisles, returning to her when I had too much to carry so I could place them in the trolley. Helen still looked gorgeous in a figure hugging dress despite the days activities and from a distance I looked at her admiring the view as she walked round the aisles in her heels. It was on the second or third occasion of wondering around I noted that she seemed to have attracted an admirer. The same guy had been around for the last ten minutes or so and certainly from a distance seemed to be not so much concentrating on the shelves but Helen, constantly eyeing her up and down from behind. Initially i dismissed this and continued on with my walking around the store. This particular superstore had two floors and as I was searching around the upper floor I noticed the guy had now actually engaged my wife into conversation. I was even more shocked when he handed something to her and she put it in her handbag. On my return to her Helen did not say anything to me regarding what I had seen and so i dismissed any mention of it.

To be honest I completely forgot about it for a few days and then just by chance I happened to be getting some change from my wifes purse when I noted a business card with a gentleman's name on it. Curiosity did get to me but there was very little I could do about it, and of course I did wonder if this was the guy in the superstore. A day later my suspicions were confirmed as my wife having gone to bed I took advantage and had a look at her mobile, seriously never having done that before and fumbling around trying to work out how to use it i finally traced a recent text between this number and my wife. It became obvious that my wife had known this guy before the meeting in the superstore and that quite possibly something had happened between them. I admit to being in total shock, totally betrayed and what shocked me even more I was so incredibly excited by this passage of texts. Having sat and mulled over what I was going to do I took the biggest risk ever and text the number pretending I was Helen. A simple message saying 'hi' and 'how are you?' In what seemed the longest ten minutes of my life and having deleted my text the phone buzzed and he replied. The reply was again innocent but a little shocking in that he refereed to my wife as 'Hello sexy' I was unsure as to how to respond but replied again in an innocent response. Over the next twenty minutes or so it became obvious that possibly on a night out with the girls from the office they had met and something had gone on. My wife had obviously said no to any further meeting and he was trying to persuade her to meet him again. I had gone past the point of not caring now and continued to text and more shocking revelations came to light. My texts remained innocent without any flirtation and teasing but he seemed to enjoy the chase and continued to try and get me to meet him. And this was when he dropped the biggest nugget into the conversation 'I promise to return your panties to you' and that 'I want to have you again'.

Naturally I deleted all the texts and have kept silent about my findings of this information. It is obvious that my wife had a one night stand of some sort and again obvious he wishes for this to continue but she does not. How do I feel about this? To be honest not sure, the more I thing about it the more sexually exciting I find it and would love to witness such an event of my wife being with another guy....but equally would this be the end of my marriage? All I know is that sex with my wife has never been so good and she seems extremely shocked by my sudden urge to have sex all the time. I cannot stop masterbating at the thought of what went on. Also should I remain silent but what if I was to confront her with my findings? Some advice would be gratefully received and once again apologies for the long rambling of a very confused husband.