Written by Very happy

21 May 2007

Ive never posted on here before ive never had a reason to but ive always enjoyed reading the stories of other men who like to watch their wife being fucked.

Well now i have my own story to tell.

Last saturday night me and the wife Julie went out down into town for a night out the plan was to stay there until 10ish then return to our local for a few drinks before going home.

Julie is 38 years old has long brown hair blue eyes size 12 and for a woman who has had 3 kids is still in pretty good shape.she wore a red top which was a little low cut but not showing to much off and a red skirt which ended about 4 inches above her knees my wife has great legs and although she is fair skinned she uses that self tanning cream all the time and her legs looked naturally brown which i love(dont u hate that orange look some women try to get away with).

After s few drinks i was coming back to our table with the drinks when a young blonde girl stopped me "are one of those for me " she asked i smiled and making sure Julie could not lip read said"no its the wifes drink but i wish it was for you"she smiled and walked away Julie had noticed her talk to me and said "who was that girl" i told her she was just a mates girlfriend but Julie knew i was lying she always does "if you had not been out with me you would have been in there" i laughed and she then completlty took me by surprise"you think i cant pull dont you i bet you i can"again i laughed then loads of thoughts ran around my head like, she could pull,do i want her to,no i dont,yes i do,maybe just for a laugh,."ok i said go for it".she said "ok i will later when ive had a bit more drink in me"Now ive always had a fantasy about Julie screwing another guy maybe this would be the night or maybe she would back down and try and forget what she said,it wasn,t mentioned again until about 10 o,clock i told Julie it was time to get a taxi back up to our local and she said "i cant pull in our local can i we will have to go clubbing"

I said "don't be daft come on we are going" she said "ok you go im not"ok what do i do now she seems serious do i go home and let her have her fun or stay with her and see what happens.

I decide to stay we end up in one of those aussie theme bars called walkabout,Julie is now well drunk but im still sober i think the thought of what she had planned had done that.She says to me im off to the toilet, after about 10 minutes she is still not back i finish my bottle and head up to the toilets i wait for about 5 mins no still no Julie,i head back down to where i was as i cross the side of the dancefloor there is Julie dancing with some young guy.WOW i think she is going for it,ok she is only dancing with him i order myself a drink and the bar.After a while i see him head back to his group of friends Julie looks up and walks straight over to me"i won't be coming home with you tonight i'm going to Mark's" who is Mark i reply "The guy im dancing with he has his own place" i reply with something daft like"he is too young to have his own place" she says he is 24 and has his own flat"Julie are you sure you really want to do this" i say in my head im wanting her to and not its a weird feeling "yes i want to" she says"does he know your married i reply "yes but he thinks your at home with the kids and wants me to go back to his"i stood there thinking what should i do should i let her do something i have wanted her to do for ages or drag her out of here."ok babes if you want him you go for it but i insist on one two things ok" i pause and say "you tell me everything that happens when you come home and try and get him to shag you bareback i want to screw you soaking wet"ok she says and with that she was gone i could see her disappear into the dancefloor and with that i left the pub.

I got home around 12.30 the kids were at their grans so i had the house to myself.

i lay in bed thinking what she was upto i fell asleep at some point dunno what time it was and was woke up by the front door closing i sat up and looked at the clock 7.10am i could hear Julie walking up the stairs "are u awake" she whispered"yes i am" she dropped her skirt to the floor her pussy looked fantastic" i let Mark keep my panties is that ok" Im not bothered about your knickers what happened as she got into bed she had bite marks around her neck and over her tits"he fucked me everyway i asked him to "did he do u bareback" i asked she grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy "what do u think" "wow"i said its wet and sticky so he did then" she pushed my shoulder down towards the bed and climbed on top of me"yes he did and now im going to fuck my husband as well"she lowered her wet sticky pussy onto my cock it felt fantastic as she rode my cock i was sucking her tits she told me that she loved me and would never do that again unless i agreed totally next time,i cum inside her pussy time again id never enjoyed shagging her so much in years,it has reawoken our sex life and yes i will let her do it again.

But next time i want to watch'