Written by rpr

1 Sep 2009

this is a true event that happened not long ago. im R and i'd been having a affair for a few months until my wife S found out and i stopped the affair immediately. But to get her own back she ended up going out with a group of work mates while i was at work one night9 which i only found out because i saw texts on her phone and i made her tell me....and this is what she told me). She ended up giving my best mate a lift home and he invited S in for a coffee and they were both sitting on sofa talking about how i was a wanker to have cheated on her, anyway P gave S a cuddle because S was upset. S then told me that P then suddenly kissed her and she thought why not and responded. After a few minutes of kissing P tried his luck and started rubbing S's pussy through her jeans before undoing them and sliding his hand in her thong rubbing her clit. S told me her pussy was soaking and that she let P then finger fuck her until he led her upstairs. S said she couldnt believe her eyes when she saw his cock it was 9 inches long!!!!!!! longer and thicker than mine and that she wanted him. P then started to push his cock in S pussy but it was to big and started hurting her but then S screamed at P to force it up her and she screamed the house down as he did. Soon he was balls deeps in my wife tiny tight pussy and in a good rhythm and didnt take long before P shot his hot spunk deep into S. Just as i was getting to grips with what S had told me she then admited that her only regret was that it didnt last long and that his cock felt so fucking fantastic that she wanted the whole package. and now i cant fuck my wife with out thinking of them 2 together and i HATE it. all my fault