Written by dildodo

19 Oct 2010

Just to explain a little episode that happened recently to my wife Debra and me. We are having some work done at the house and the painter Danny was due to come to the house on Saturday to start the emulsion and gloss work in the main bedroom. I had a golf match which put me out of the house from around 8am until roughly 4pm once I had stayed for a drink etc. This meant that Debra would be there to let Danny in and show him what was required.

Anyway I played golf and decided not to stay for the customary drink as I thought I would get back and see how the work had gone. I pulled on the drive next to Danny's van and went inside the house and walked into the lounge expexting to find Debra but nobody was there. At that I heard voices upstairs and realised that she was up there chatting to Danny but they were giggling like a couple of kids. I decided to creep up the stairs and see what they were up to and when I got half way up I looked through the banister rails and could see that Debra was completely naked and that she had emulsion paint all on her breasts and bottom. I thought that this was strange and then as I took another step up I could see the reflection in the mirror and Danny was also naked and stood there with a paint brush in his hand. I just sat on the step and watched for a while and it was obvious that they hadn't heard me come in and I watched as Debra now walked towards him and started to kiss him passionately. He responded by dropping the brush on the floor and cupping her paint covered breasts in his hands and caressed them gently. Debra was beginning to moan as she loves her breasts massaged and reached down to grab hold of Danny's cock. She moved her hand slowly up and dow the shaft, he was quite large about 9" uncut with a big bulbus head. Debra released herself from his kiss and dropped to her kness and took his hard cock into her mouth sucking and licking frantically. Danny responded by holding her head and began to slowly fuck her mouth in and out went his slippery wet cock. Debra at times struggled to take all of his cock but she carried on regardless only stopping to look up and smile.

Danny moved Debra around so that her back was to him and put an arm around her waist before bending her over and began to rub his hand into her warm pussy area between her legs. Debra is a large lady but short around 5'3" size 18 with 36DD tits that were by now swaying as she moved back and forth as Danny pushed fingers into her cunt.

I moved up to the top of the stairs by now as they had shifted their body positions in the room and could see perfect in the reflection as Danny pushed his cock in to Deb. She responded with a "ooh yes" as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of her with her tits bouncing beneath her. Danny started to increase his rythmn and pumped his dick into Debra hard and you could hear the slap of his legs hitting her arse as he pumped for all he was worth. Debra by now was making all sorts of noises as she was being hard fucked by this guy with her head almost losing control as it thrashed about with every stroke he pushed into her. Danny made an almighty grunt as he was about to cum and at that Debra turned around quickly and he shot his cum towards her tits the first spurt almost hitting Debs Chin and the following spurts all hit their intended target which was Debras breasts. The amount of cum that Danny shot over her was imense and I have never seen that much come out of a guy before and it was a reat sight to see as it hit her painted breasts. Both of them just sat on the floor and it was then that I decided to make myself known. Well they were both really surprised and I told them not to worry as I had found it all to be very erotic and would love to see them do it again sometime to which they agreed and needless to say Danny never did send in an invoice strange really!!