Written by luckycock

22 Jul 2008

Previously I wrote and told how my wife Margi had been fucked by four young lads as I licked her clit, we have had some amazing sex since, reliving that night. One night as we lay exhausted Margi said I think I would like to try something new again. Like what I asked, she replied another woman or another couple but I want to try a woman most. I agreed that I would like to see her with another woman but we didn’t know anyone who might join in. About a week later Margi said “You know Mari (her best friend) well she might know a woman who would like to join us for a threesome” I was shocked and asked if Mari and her discussed all our sexual business, she replied that most woman do. Anyway she said guess who the woman is? I didn’t know and was really surprised when she said “well it’s Mari herself” Mari said she had always wanted to see if your cock was as big as I told her and if the only way to find out was to fuck us both then she was up for it. Mari is the same age as my wife, very attractive and though I had never considered it quite sexy. Margi asked what about it then? and I agreed that as long as she was happy then I wouldn’t complain at the chance to fuck another woman she just smiled and kissed me.

Two nights later when I came home from work and went upstairs to change my clothes I opened the bedroom door to see my wife and Mari under the covers, Margi said are you ready for the fucking of your life and threw the cover back to reveal that both of them were naked. I quickly pulled my clothes off and joined them on the bed. They told me that hadn’t even touched each other or themselves yet but they were as randy as hell. Margi said she’s yours to do with as you both want, but, I want to lick her and finger her to get her ready for your first fuck. Mari just moaned yes and I could only nod my head.

I lay beside Mari and felt her breasts against my chest and her hard nipples poking into me as we kissed, it felt strange to be kissing another woman while my wife watched. Margi then started to kiss Marie’s breasts and her hand was between her legs rubbing her mound, I rolled to the side and watched as Marie and my wife kissed and touched each other, my cock was now the hardest I can remember it being. The two women were now in the 69 position and my wife was moaning loudly as she came while slurping Marie’s shaven pussy. She said she’s ready now stick that big hard cock in her and fuck her, but remember I need some too. I lay on top of Marie and placed my cock at the entrance of her wet cunt hole, Marie said let me suck it first I want to have a close up of that big thick cock. I am proud that my cock is nine and a half inches long and seven inches around, it was now nearly bursting with the need to cum as Marie sucked me. I pushed her off laid her back , spread her legs and rammed my cock straight in her hole, she shouted out with pleasure as I fucked her hard, Margi was sucking her own nipples and rubbing her clit as she shuddered to orgasm watching me fuck her best mate, Mari screamed that she was cumming and her cunt gripped my cock really hard which made me exploded deep in her wet hole. I lay back and Margi went down on Mari and licked the mixture of our cum from her hole. Mari was telling me how good it felt to be filled by my cock and that she had often wondered if it was as big an Margi claimed, now she said I’ll need more of it and often, she then surrendered to the licking she was getting and came again.

We have had a few more sessions and Margi is now pleading for a foursome, but she say’s that Mari’s hubbie has a small cock and so we will have to look for another couple. I asked how she knew the size of Marie’s hubbie’s cock and she said you think he hasn’t had us both as well, but what he lacks for in size is a bonus when he fucks her arse hole.

More stories to follow