23 Jun 2015

Last year my wife and I decided on going to London to drink and eat at some of the nicer places in the centre of town.

We headed down on Friday night and checked into a hotel not too far from the centre. It was in the summer and weather was still warm. So I was dressed in skinny chinos and my wife in a short skirt and top, which showed everyone her round ass and good sized tits, especially with her killer heels on.

After going to a couple of bars and then some food, we decided to head back to the hotel and spend a good couple of hours, wanking, sucking and fucking as we hadn't had a chance to fuck in a couple of days due to work commitments.

We jumped on the tube and it was absolutely rammed with people heading home. We managed to squeeze on and I was in heaven as I was up against my wife at the front and a young tall blond guy behind me.

At the next station a load of people got off and I was able to jump for a seat, hoping to give it to my wife, however so many others boarded she was stuck.

At this point the blond guy was now next to my wife and it seemed like he was so close on purpose. As I watched he got closer and closer and was now rubbing his crouch against her ass every time the tube moved. This was getting me horny, and my mrs hadn't worked it out at this point, probably due to the alcohol running through her.

The blond guy looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but most of the people on board were either asleep, drunk or on their phones, however as he looked at me I gave him a smile. He went flush with red, but I motioned him to continue.

After a minute or so, he again went for it and this time managed to pretend to fall and grab my mrs tits, she turned around and gave him a dirty look, but I could see he was very turned on from the bulge in his jeans.

As the next stop approached, my wife got ready to get off, I went and stood behind her and could now see the guys hard cock was quite some size. At this point he realised that the 2 of us were together and looked both embarrassed as well as scared as to what I would say or do. As we were stepping off, I clocked my head to motion him to follow, he just managed to get off in time, after thinking about whether to or not.

We walked the 2 minutes to our hotel and I suggested to my wife that we head to the bar for a nightcap. My wife headed over to the ladies and I went to the bar and the blond guy appeared, looking a little bemused. He whispered to me, what did I want, and I replied, I want to see your enormous white cock in my wife!

He was taken aback and stood there thinking. I told him to get a drink and sit down.

As my wife appeared and sat down, she looked over and saw me and the blond guy stood next to one another. I went over to her with the drinks and she said instantly, what did he want. I asked of she knew him and she said that she thought he was fondling her on the tube and I said that I noticed and that he wanted more and was asking me about it.

My mrs looked and me and said I can't keep lining up guys to fuck her! I said why don't we have a chat with him and see where it goes, if she isn't into it no harm, he can head off and I was always ready with my thick 8" cock!

I motioned the blond guy to come over. He was 24 and single. At which point I asked him how big was his cock and he replied in hushed tones it was 9". My wife's face lit up and I knew that it was going to happen.

However, the bi guy in me took over and I said that all guys blag about their cock size, so I wanted to see it in the gents and with that I got up and headed over to the toilets. As I entered, I headed for the urinal and 30 seconds later he came in, just as the last other person in there was leaving. I already had my semi cock out and he pulled his cock out which was around 7". I said that wasn't 9" to which he started to wank and it soon became a thin 9" cock with a great mushroom head.

I let him wank for a minute or so and then said, see you in room 332 in 10 minutes. Put my cock away and headed for my wife.

Once in our room, I asked my mrs to strip naked and lie face down on the bed. I stripped naked, but the door on the latch and went into the bathroom. 2 minutes later there was a knock on the door and then I heard it open. He walked in and saw my mrs naked, stripped off and was over to her in a flash, feeling up her body and fingering her now wet pussy.

I came out of the bathroom and found him in between my wife's legs, licking her pussy like a thirsty dog. He heard me come in and stopped, all I did was smile and he was straight down again. I headed for my wife's head and turned her head up so she could suck my cock. She was now moaning and panting as he was licking her pussy out clean. He then got up and I could see that he was a runner with a great figure and a nice long think 9" hairless cock. He asked if he could fuck her and if so are there any condoms, I said you can fuck her but raw, and with that he shoved his cock right up my mrs.

She let out a scream and was in absolute heaven, as he was fucking her doggy style and doing her good and proper.

At this point I was loving the view of a nice hairless cock going all the way in and out her pussy and her tits bouncing all over the place. I then reached down and started to finger her pussy whilst he was fucking her, which she loved and so did I as I got to feel his steel cock.

After about 5 minutes the blond guys panting was getting heavier and he said, where should he cum, my wife shouted on her back and I said no, up her pussy, to which he gave 1 final thrust and started to cum in her pussy. Seeing him cumming and it dripping out my wifes pussy, I was over the edge and said I would cum over her back and shot a load all over her back, as well as hitting the blond guys cock and stomach.

The guy realised what had happened and cleaned up quickly and thanked us and ran out of the room. Me and my wife then sat on the bed and recollected what has just happened, which made me soo hard, that I fucked her with the blond guys cum still warm inside her and mixed my jiz with his!

We laughed when we were on the tube the next morning that we didn't even ask the blond guys name!