Written by Danny

2 Sep 2014

A few years ago when Jan my wife was 45, we went to stay in a well known European city for a week’s break. The city is well know as I said, for its seedier side of town with many sex clubs and live shows. We had never swung before and both had been faithful to each other in 20 years of marriage.

After arriving and freshening up, we had a pop into the city centre and a brief bit of sight seeing but it was on the way back in the taxi that changed out lives. The taxi driver spoke excellent English and told us of the many attractions and then vaguely added about the red light area, then seeing that we were not shocked, went a little farther in describing the delights of the district, from mild strip joints to full blown live shows with audience participation. He gave us his number and told us if we wanted a tour, he’d be happy to oblige…he was probably on a commission for taking punters to the clubs.

Jan and I discussed the drivers information and we decided to go for a looksee ourselves. I suppose I had better describe Jan at this point. As I said, she was 45 at the time, she is also a big girl, 5’10 and a size 14, she has 38d tits and shapely legs in proportion to her build and at that time her hair was a mousy colour cut in a longish urchin style.

The first night at a club, was a bit tame, but it whetted our appetite to go to a harder one. I suggested that on seeing how other women dressed at the first club, Jan might want to buy some sexier clothes than she had brought with her, and boy did she. She got dressed on the next evening in a tight leather mini skirt with hold up stockings and a rather tame 3 inch heel shoe, topped off with a red blouse. I didn’t know that she had not put on any underwear.

We called the taxi driver and when he saw Jan, his eyes lit up. We told him to take us the hardest club he knew.

On entering, single men were charged but couples paid only a token fee. We were shown into the main hall, and when our eyes became accustomed to the low lights, we could make out that only 2 other couples were in and the rest all men. We were asked if we have been before and when we said no, we were shown to seats right next to the stage. We noticed that there were video monitors around the room that seemed to project every angle of what was happening on stage.

The show had already started and as we sat down, there were two women pleasuring each other with their mouths, then another woman came onto the stage and one of the other women was placed onto a big x shaped padded bench, hands and legs secured with restraints and then as the first woman continued to stimulate the captive woman’s body, the third woman proceed to fuck her with a large strap-on.

I could see that Jan was mesmerised by it all and was breathing very heavily. The act finished and the next act came on stage, a very petite girl who was fucked over the next half hour by two big men. Again, Jan was absolutely fascinated by the whole affair.

The next act that came on stage, started with only one large black man standing in a thong which barely covered his obvious large cock. A mic was lowered from the ceiling and he asked if any of the ladies in the room would assist him. No one moved, then he came over to our side of the stage and squatting down asked Jan if she would assist him, he said he needed a partner to do some sexy dancing. Now I knew that Jan was very good at dancing, she was a real disco queen when younger and so with some persuasion from me, she got up, much to the delight of the audience.

This man, towered over Jan’s 5’10 height. The music started and they danced, but danced real dirty, him grinding himself into her both back and front. Jan was really enjoying herself and started to rub her hands all over his body.

After about 5 minutes of this, two other equally large man, dressed again, only in thongs, came onto the stage, and soon all three were bumping and grinding to the music. I was as hard as iron watching my wife with these three guys. I could make out in the gloom that many of the men around me had their cocks out and slowly wanking. It was then I heard one say to another.. ”this is the best show she will get fucked shortly, I think that guy there is her husband”

My mouth went dry what could I do, we had entered a forbidden world and could not leave yet.

The three guys on stage were kissing Jan’s neck and ears, grinding their bodies against hers, their thongs were now gone and their cocks were standing hard. Jan had responded well to their seduction and she had a cock in each hand. Now one of the guys loosened her blouse and removed it, falling on her tits with his mouth. Now here skirt was removed and the audience saw my wife’s nakedness and three guys playing her body. It was clear that Jan had succumbed to their seduction, and now as one of the guys dropped to his knees and kissed and licked her cunt, I could see that I couldn’t stop the inevitable happening even if I had wanted to.

The mics on stage picked up every breath and sight Jan emitted, her groaning played over the sound system as were the various angles of video over the monitors.

Now Jan was picked up by two of the guys who held her, one at each side, one arm around her shoulders and the other arm under her thighs, as if they were going to throw her off the stage. The third guy stood with his rampant cock pointing at her and the guys supporting her took her over to him, then lowering her till the tip of his cock just entered her. She let out a sigh but she was to be disappointed, they lifted her of him again and she groaned, then they lowered her again till the head was just inside her and she thrashed her hips trying to get more of his cock inside her but the lifted her off again and she let out a “no…please put it in me” Now a voice came over the speakers, obviously someone was monitoring the whole thing and he asked in German, what should they do with her.

The audience erupted.. fuck her fuck her fuck her fuck her………….the two guys supporting her now lowered Jan a little at a time till the third guy’s cock was fully home. It was then, I realised that he wasn’t wearing a condom. They held her and he fucked her for a good five minutes before he grunted and his hips thrust and stayed in close, only moving his hips slightly in and out and making a gaaaaahhhhhhhh noise and I knew he was spunking up my wife. Jan had been groaning and moaning, but I don’t think she had cum at this point, I had and so had some of the men about.

Jan was lifted off his cock and laid on the x shaped table and her legs and arms manacled. The next guy got between her legs and again with no condom fucked her very hard until she came and then he deposited his cum in her.

Now the next guy, the black guy and he too, fucked her roughly. Jan was now having orgasms every couple of minutes and was now just limp not moving her hips, the sweat was glistening on her body and was simply making huh huh huh huh huh huh huh noises each time he thrust his cock into her. Now he speeded up and with a roar and a few words in German that translated into “have my spunk you slut” he too spunked up my wife.

The three men stood before the audience and to cheers, they bowed and left the stage. The Stage revolved now, with Jan still on the table, totally fucked and incapable of moving until she and this set disappeared to be replace by another act.

I waited for about 5 minutes and then got up to seek my wife. There was a door to the side of the stage and I figured it led behind the stage. I went through and it did. I followed a passage way to a series of dressing rooms and as I got to the first one, immediately behind the revolving stage, I heard laughter from an open door. As I approached the manager of the club was coming out zipping himself up, perhaps not realising who I was smiled and said “perks of the job”

I went into the room and there was Jan, not restrained any more but still completely knackered, lying with her legs open as one man fucked her and 5 others queued to do the same. I should have been angry, but I felt my cock getting even harder as I watched the five strangers, helpers of some kind in the club enjoying their perks too. When the last one had finished, I noticed a huge pool of spunk dripping onto the floor, How many men had fucked Jan apart from the three on stage I don’t know but the pool of spunk suggested more than I had seen. I quietly unzipped myself and fucked her too. I have never seen anything so cock hardening as seeing my wife totally fucked and limp with all that spunk leaking from her.

After an hour, she had recovered somewhat, the manager showed us where she could shower and dress and called us a taxi. He told us he offered all amateur women and couples free life membership but they had to perform every now and again.

When we got home, Jan got the morning after pill and an STD check and she turned out to be ok. We enjoyed it while it happened but won’t be doing it again.