Written by amanda

28 Jul 2014

We lay on the bed drained both physically and mentally.Amanda still had smudges of dirt and some blades of grass on her face and neck.Some red marks were on her breasts from when the gardeners were a bit rough.Spots of semen could be seen also on her belly.Images ran through my mind...the look on Amanda's face when she felt a penis in her anus for the first time..looking into my eyes as she sucked a huge penis back to life...kissing her after she had taken spunk in her mouth...

Ten days ago we were a normal middle aged couple with a normal boring sex life . And now all this.Nothing could have prepared me for this and I think Amanda had surprised herself also at the release of her dormant sexuality.

We had a long hot shower washing away the sweat dirt and semen.

'Are you ashamed of me?' She said with sadness in her eyes.

'It was just so liberating giving myself like that and seeing the desire I can still create...even at my age ...even a mum '

'It was like a dream ..you were amazing ' I said 'And I enjoyed it as much as you'

'But we can never do this at home..we have too much to lose if anyone found out'

'Of course.A holiday secret'

The next day was our last day at the villa and we decided to go to the beach at Cabopino.

There was a sign for a nudist beach which we decided might be fun and we settled on a shady spot in the trees back from the sea.

To my surprise Amanda stripped off 'Might as well blend in' and I followed suit.

After a while it became very hot and we walked down to the sea passing some couples and single guys on the way.After a quick swim we made our way back to our spot , dried off and had a picnic and a bottle of Freixenet which I had placed in our coolbox.

After a few glasses Amanda was a bit tipsy and she lay back on the towel.

'Let's make love.We've never done it outdoors and we go home tomorrow'

Another fantasy in a holiday of fantasies.

I moved over to kiss her long and slow feeling the hot air on my naked skin and rubbing her breasts until her nipples were hard.It felt so exciting doing this in the open knowing that someone could walk by at any moment and see us.

Amanda stroked me gently bringing me to the hardest erection.She then knelt in front of me and began sucking and licking down to my balls then up to the tip then down to my balls then underneath to just beside my bum hole ..then very gently very lightly the slightest touch on my anus...was that deliberate?..I moaned my approval..and she let her tongue linger there ..covering it in saliva then a slight gentle probe.The feeling was incredible..and then she probed harder pushing her tongue further in ..then around..then in again...this was so hot.

From the corner of my eye I caught some movement in the trees.I wasn't sure how many ..maybe three or four..guys standing ..watching from about thirty feet away.They were watching us intently and wanking.

Amanda was concentrating on pushing her tongue into me and didn't notice. She moved up my penis and took all of me in her mouth.I was ready to come but trying not to.One of the men moved closer.

'We are being watched' I whispered.

This made Amanda suck me harder until I could stand it no further.She moved her hand down to my bum hole slowly pushing in ..further and further..'Oh God yes ..so good' and spurted come straight down her throat.

The man who approached was black..and he looked at me as if he needed an invitation.

By now I was spent and just nodded.

He moved in quickly and gently squeezed Amanda's hanging white breasts..gently at first but harder finding no resistance.

He was late twenties and fit with dark skin contrasting with Amanda's porcelain like skin.

Suddenly three other men approached..they were older ..holidaymakers ..just passing by at the right time.Each had their cock out wanking.When they saw the black guy having a feel of Amanda they moved in quickly to join in..hands were on her bum..her cunt ..her belly ..she looked a little frightened at this and for a split second I was going to stop it but then she looked at me and she she bit her bottom lip and smiled ..closing her eyes to the assault.

The black man raised her hips and rubbed his massive cock on her arse as he prepared to take her doggy style.Someone moved in front offering Amanda his penis ..others at the side ..one sucking her breast and one rubbing her back and tummy.The sight was amazing and it attracted a few other watchers.

The black man pushed into her cunt slowly at first..making Amanda moan and suck harder.

A new person arrived and also offered his erect cock which Amanda pulled to her lips with her left hand..her wedding ring glistened in the sun.Another pushed his finger into her anus.

'God yes Fuck me you basterds fuck me..Oh God oh my God'

The black man was building up speed fucking her harder and harder...the look on her face was one of pain and pleasure...they mauled her breasts harder and harder..the black man pulled tightly on her hair....she sucked and sucked..until one by one they came ...all over her face..her hair..inside her womb...her mouth.

I moved in and pushed my tongue into her burning hot anus..tasting her..feeling the tight texture on my tongue.. I needed to finish her off ..further and further I pushed until I could go no further..and she squealed so loud as her orgasm erupted and left her shattered on the sand covered in spunk.