Written by Zerodog

19 Sep 2015

I posted on here last July telling about the Young lad in the house at the bottom of the garden, watching us from his bedroom window. It was titled the "The Spy". This is a carry on from there, and is absolutely true.

This happened on one of the nice sunny days that we had a few weeks ago.

I had gone out one morning, and on returning home, I noticed that the wife was sat in the garden on of the reclining chairs. Like I said it was a lovely sunny day, and hot. I walked up the garden, her chair was slightly angled towards the house at the bottom of the garden. When I got to where she was sitting I couldn't believe my eyes. She was sat reading her book wearing only a black push-up bra and a very skimpy black mesh thong, which was showing her pussy through the material. I got hard immediately, and she said "Thought you might like". I said, "Oh yes". she then said that she had seen the young lad at the window watching her. She told me that when she was sure he was watching, she opened her a legs further so that he could get a better look at her pussy.

She stayed out in the garden like that for a couple of hours before she came in the house, took her underwear off and told me to fuck her where he could see us. I didn't need a second invitation, so I took her into the lounge, opened the French doors, got her on all fours and fucked her from behind so she could see him in his room, she was loving it and it didn't take me long before I filled her up.

She told me that it really turns her on knowing he is watching her, and she feels like a naughty slut !