Written by spunkyman

22 Jun 2015

Seeing the story worsley woods reminded me of the first time my wife nicky had a few cocks at once ,up to this night we had played and had one guy finger and lick her pussy and she had wanked him of over her lovely tits,nicky was at the time 24 with a 34 24 34 figure and a shaven cunt.

We had often talked about being more exciting and daring in our sex life but nothing came of it till we we went out for a drink ,and while there nicky had been chatted up a few times ,one guy I had seen before took a good interest in her so when he went to the toilets I followed him ,I stood by his side and he pulled out a huge thick cock must have been 7 inch on the slack ,and he started to rub it making it grow very big ,he looked at me and said he was sorry but my wife had made him horny as hell ,and if I didn't mind him saying he would love to fuck ,I said I know she does it to me all the time,he said all his mates had been saying she was fit also ,it was then I blurted out that if he wanted he could fuck her and I would watch ,he said where and after a minute I said the park toilets I will get her to walk through the park and get her to stop while I have a piss ,when I do she always wants one as well but she cant use the ladies as they are closed at night ,he said,ok I will be inside waiting about 12ish with my mates ,ok how many will there be ,about 6 if that's ok.

We went back and I went to my mrs and she said what took you so long ,I said I was just chatting ,your up to something she said ,wait and see its a surprise about 11.30 ish we set off for home and went through the park,when we got to thetoilets I said hang on I need a piss,hurry up then ime cold in these clothes I went in and when my eyes got used to the dark I saw 5 guys at the urinals ,I said be quiet don't let her hear you ,there was 3 cubicles and holes in the walls either side and a hole in the door ,I went out and nicky said I need a piss now as I know she would ,go in here and I will look out no ones in ok she said ,as she went in she said fuck me its dark I cant see a thing ,she shouted me to come in and see if the cubicle was clean I said yes and in she went ,she sat down and her eyes got used to the dark and she could see the pictures on the walls of cocks spunking and getting sucked through the holes ,you should see these pictures the dirty bastards,i said just have a piss ,then all of a sudden she said fucking hell theres someone else in here ,how do you know ,because thers a fucking huge cock hanging in the hole ,ok play with it ,it wont hurt you ,then I heard a sigh and the guy said that's it love take more its fantastic go on suck me off you dirty bitch ,then another must have put his cock in the other side as I heard and another guy say that's it love give it a wank,nicky whats going on I said,with that she opened the door and I lit my lighter to see her sat down sucking one cock and wanking another ,I told her to stop for a minute and to come out ,as she did 3 more guys came over and started to suck on hertits and feel her very wet cunt ,oh my god ime in heaven she said.

I asked her what she wanted to do and she just said fuck them all ,she went over to the urinals and bent forward and leaned against the wall and invited them all to fuck her ,it didn't take 2 seconds for one of the guys to slide in and start to grind into her cunt slapping his balls on her as he pumped he didn't take long to empty his seed into nickys willing shute,the next guy sat on a bog and got nicky to straddle him ,then fucked her hard while pushing a finger or 2 in her arse,we had never had anal and she would never let me finger her like that ,but I don't think she cared because when the 3rd and fourth guys took her arse she said it hurt a little but to carry on as she was coming like never before ,the last guy to fuck her was mick the guy who I had chatted to earlier,he wanted to make love to her ,he sather on his coat on a urinal and when down on her spunky swollen cunt and licked her till she came again ,then he put his cock to her slit and pushed taking nickys breath away ,jesus your fucking big ,I think you have just got it in my womb entrance its so fucking tight.

He started to pump his cock into her in long hard strokes until nicky cried out she was coming ,keeping his cock embedded in her he lifted her off the urinal and fucked her hard against the toilet wall until she screamed fill me ime coming another couple of jerks and he was filling her up with his juices ,he let her legs fall to the floor and still shaking nicky stood up spunk dripping from her onto the floor,the lads said thanks and would love to do her again but next time on a bed ,mick fucked nicky many times after that and sometimes took her to clubs and got her well fucked ,sadly the toilets are now gone but nicky still remembers her first multi cock session as our son is made up of 6 dna s