Written by Rob

22 May 2016

Like most men I have always fantasized about my wife getting shagged by another man or men while I watched. I had mentioned it a few times while we were at it and while she always said I don't know about that she did say she wouldn't mind someone watching us and always seemed to get slutty and come very quickly after talking about it.

I knew that Pam was not at all prudish as I had seen her flirting and kissing with blokes at parties etc and was pretty sure that on one occasion at least it had gone further when she had been gone for a while and when she did finally return her make up and lip gloss were smudged and she was constantly smoothing down her dress.

Anyway last night we went out for a drink and I said I would drive so she could have a few. We went to a couple of local pubs and the wine started to have it's effect she was getting more and more chatty with people and particularly any men who were being familiar.

When it came to closing time we headed out to the car and I told her that there was more than one guy in the pubs that were wishing they were taking her home tonight. She said that's a nice thought and that we could have some fun together at home.

I thought this might be it as she was obviously turned on so I drove to a small park where I knew stuff went on late at night and parked up.

Pam asked what we were doing there and I said there was a chance there would be some blokes wanting to have a look at a couple getting it on. She blushed and started looking around outside.

There were two cars parked up at the other side and one of the car doors opened and a guy got out and walked over to where we were parked. Before he got to us I said to Pam do you want to give him a look at you? she seemed to be out of breath and her hands were shaking a bit when she dropped them to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up her thighs high enough that her dark stocking tops and bare legs were on display.

I leaned over and pushed open the door so he could see in, by now I noticed the occupant of the other car was making his way over and he arrived just as the first guy was appraising Pams legs and asking if he could have a stroke.

Pam nodded and I watched as he ran his hand up her leg and over her stocking top and bare leg to touch her fanny through her little black lace panties. She gasped out loud and the second man who had seen all this said let's get her over to my car as it's much bigger and we can both get at her there.

With us both nodding our agreement they pulled her out of the seat and were pushing her over the car park to a big Beamer in the corner, all I could hear and see were Pams heels clicking on the gravel with one guy holding up her skirt around her waist while the other one was kissing her.

I saw one of them open the back door then they started to strip her first pulling off her top and unzipping her skirt which they just left on the ground. They pushed her inside in just her bra, panties, stockings and shoes then while one climbed in after her the other one went around to the other side and got in.

I locked up and walked over, they had wasted no time in kissing and touching her and had her bra off in seconds one of them was sucking her nipples and making her cry out with pleasure.

They both got their cocks out and after having her take off her panties they positioned her so that her legs were wide open with them both teasing and playing with her fanny.

The sight of her being touched by two strangers in just her dark stockings was unbelievable and when she took one of the guys dicks and started to suck it I had my own out as was wanking like mad.

After sucking and wanking them for a while one guy asked her if she was ready to get fucked, I saw Pam nod and the one on the far side of her opened the door and pulled her legs out. The guy on my side reached over and pulled her legs up so that her wet hairy fanny was fully exposed and after saying by the looks of your pink swollen pussy lips you are ready for this, Pam said fuck me for Gods sake and he didn't need any encouraging.

She was so wet and aroused and he was so stiff his dick slid straight in. The other guy had his dick in her mouth while holding her legs back.

They didn't take long to cum, Pam and the guy shagging her came almost together and seconds later the guy with his dick in her mouth started to groan before pulling out and shooting his spunk over her face and bare tits.

There were no niceities afterwards and we walked back to our car after putting her skirt and top back on. She didn't bother with her panties or bra as we were heading straight home.

When we got back we had a few strong drinks went up to bed, the guys semen had run down her bare thighs and was still glistening on her stocking tops and her fanny hairs were still sticky. No need to say what she got once I'd seen that.