Written by dildodo

6 Oct 2010

to carry on where the last episode finished was all 3 of the women Jane,Sarah and my wife Deb all retired to the bedroom and left me to sit in the lounge. Jane had asked me to stay put and join them later on to which I agreed. I sat in the lounge for what seemed like an eternity but was only for 15 mins and because of the sexual noises I could hear I too went upstairs to the bedroom.

When I opened the door I was met with the sight of Debra lying on her back gently tied to the bed and Jane sucking slowly on her left breast and Sarah on her knees licking away between Debs thighs. I decided that I was going to join in on the action and went behind Jane and started to rub her pussy sticking in a finger every now and then. I looked at Deb and she gazed back at me and said "fuck her I know you have always wanted to" well I didn't need another invitation I parted Janes legs and slowly entered her from behind. Jane made a slight gasp as I pushed in the last bit of my 7" cock. I began to fuck her slowly and watched as Sarah continued to lick at Debs pussy. My rythm got quicker as I fucked Jane and she had trouble keeping her lips on Debs breast as I thrust my hard cock into her. We both stepped away from the bed and continued with our fucking as we watched Sarah untie Deb and turn her over. At this Sarah put on her strap on and knelt back onto the bed and entered Deb from behind, now this was enough for any man and I thrust my cock quicker into Jane and felt the sensation in my cock as I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into Janes pussy.

I was spent and sat on the edge of the bed and stroked my wifes tits as Sarah pumped into her with the strap on. Jane was rubbing Debras clit while Sarah fucked her pussy and Deb was moaning and moaning and saying " oh my god this is fantastic" " fuck me harder". At that Sarah pushed the strap on into Deb one last time before she Cum with an almighty roar and screamed " Oh my god Sarah don't stop". Debra bucked and shook until she was through her orgasm and we all sat around recovering.

We slept the night back at our hotel and we both had lots to talk about on the journey home which was quite erotic as Deb told me how much she had enjoyed the experience and can we do it again. I have suggested that this time we make it 2 guys and her but we will have to wait and see.