Written by Elizabeth & Me

10 Sep 2016

I'm extremely lucky, I have a wife who loves sex and is a bit of an exhibitionist, so much so that she loves to have me fuck her outdoors along walking tracks where there's a chance other people may come upon us. This all started when we were hiking in Grindelwald, Switzerland, the first time when we were newly married about 20 years ago. We had taken the cog railway up to Kleine Scheidegg and were hiking the track along the north face of the Eiger at about the 2000 metre level, which then goes down through the woods and back to Grindelwald.

A little more than half way along the north face of the Eiger, there's a cabin with a large picnic table out front overlooking the whole Grindelwald valley - great spot for photos and, conversely, anyone in the valley below with binoculars or a camera with a powerful telephoto lens can see the picnic table. Well, we were horny as newly marrieds in their 20s usually are, so she suggested and I lustfully agreed.

She leaned over the end of the table. I pulled down her hiking trousers, freed my cock, and fucked her from behind. My God, it was erotic! Anyone down below had a side view of us and anyone on the track hiking up from Kleine Scheidegg would approach us from behind me. We quickly came from the excitement of the situation, then she told me she wanted it again on her back.

She took off her trousers and shoes and lay back on the top of the table in the same position. I lowered my trousers to my ankles, got between her legs, and holding them up by her ankles, fucked her long and slow for maybe five minutes, then finished both of us off hard and fast. She actually screamed out her climax. Luckily, no one came by on the track. If anybody saw us from the valley below, she giggled with the thought and hoped they got some good photos.

That night when we returned to our hotel room, we closed the door and lunged at each other laughing hysterically as we ripped off each others clothing, and rolled around on the bed for about an hour or so, fucking like mad, then cuddling and giggling like teenagers, and then fucking again. That night after dinner, the thought of what we had done up on the north face of the Eiger made both of us horny again, especially my wife, and we did it several times before morning. Of course, when you're in your early 20s you're able to fuck like that.

The next day we took the cable car up to the First and hiked along the trail from there to the Bachalpsee. Along the way, there was a picnic-type table about 20 metres off the track. That whole track is in the open - no trees, nothing, and you can see for miles. So, of course, my wife says, "Let's do it here." I was very leery of doing it since it was a fairly popular track and there's always someone coming along every ten minutes or so. Didn't matter to her and we had a repeat of the Eiger picnic table.

As I starting to pound into her hard and fast from the rear to make us both come, I noticed a young couple stopped on the track opposite us watching. Too late to stop, I continued on and we both came with a fair amount of noise. When she was finished, I had her look toward the trail, and she waved at the couple. They applauded and said in German something like, "Wonderful. Good luck. Maybe we'll use it on our return."

We pulled up our clothes and continued up the track to the lake. When we got there, we saw that same couple sitting eating a snack. Thinking my wife would be embarrassed, I steered us to avoid them, but they saw us and waved us over. My wife waved back and said we should join them.

They were Swiss, fairly newly married like us, and told us they had done the same thing on some of their hikes, but not out in the open like we had just done. With their English and our tourist German, we got on well and soon felt very comfortable with them, especially the two girls, who soon were head to head deep in conversation. They exchanged hotel and home address information, and eventually we all continued on our way.

When we were out of earshot range, I asked what that was about, and my wife blandly said, "They want us to watch them making love in their bed tonight." I almost stumbled in shock and said, What! Whoa, what's going on here?" She very carefully explained that she knew me, as a man, was a natural voyeur and revealed she was also, and the thought of watching another couple make love was very exciting to her. Then she told me she had accepted the other woman's suggestion for us. It took a while for me to digest this, but then it excited me as well.

That night, we had dinner with them at their hotel's dining room, had some good conversation with brandy by the lobby fireplace, and then followed them to their room. It had two double beds separated by a night table with a lamp and telephone. They had us sit on one of the beds facing the other while they turned out all the lights, but left on the one in the en suite, giving a dim lighting effect to the room, enough to plainly see what would be taking place.

They sat on their bed facing us not three feet away and hugged and kissed. We both soon leaned back on our elbows and watched. They slowly undressed one another as they kissed and caressed. When they were finally naked, they suggested we undress to watch them make love. By this time, we were both horny from watching kiss and caress, so my wife nudged me and started to take off her clothes. I followed suit and we were soon naked like them.

They had watched us undress, then they proceeded to have sex. She lay back on their bed and spread her legs. He got between them on his stomach, put his hands under her bum, and proceeded to lick her. Her moans soon filled the air and, when her hip movements showed she was close to coming, he slipped his fingers inside and rapidly finger fucked her with his thumb rubbing her clit. She exploded and came loudly, her hips writhing around his fingers. My cock was rock hard from watching. I slipped my finger inside my wife and she moaned when I did it.

Julian then slid up over Elisa. She helped him get inside, and they soon established a gradually increasing pace. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and raised and pulled back her legs on either side of his waist. They fucked like that for a long time as he gradually brought her to her height of passion. Then she started gasping and muttering, "Ja! Ja! Fick mich!!", he pounded into her and she came. He continued stroking into her at a somewhat reduced rate, then he sped up and fucked her for maybe a half minute and she came again. He brought her three or four more comes that way. They weren't explosive comes like when he ate her, more subdued with just heavier moaning when she came. During the last one, he briefly pounded her and they came together, then they rolled to face each other and kissed and cuddled for a while.

By that time my wife was slowly wanking my cock and I was absent mindedly fingering her wet groove. We were horny and I badly wanted to fuck her, but wasn't sure how she felt about doing in front of them. I should have been able to guess, for she kissed me deeply, then whispered, "Let's do it!" as she pulled me backward with her. She urged us lengthwise on the bed, pulled me between her legs, and guided my cock to her entrance. It was very exciting to have my wife be eager for communal sex and take charge. We fucked with an urgency brought on by watching them go at it, and soon came together with her gasping and panting and me groaning.

We lay cuddling and kissing for a while, with them doing likewise. then they got up and went to the ensuite together. When they came out she lay back on the bed her body propped up on her pillow while he poured us four glasses of wine. We lay or sat on our respective beds stark naked like it was an everyday occurrence, sipped wine, and talked about watching each other and fucking in general. They made what we were doing seem like normal activity and, after a few minutes, it seemed so to us also.

Then the bomb dropped. Julian leaned toward me and asked, "Would you like to watch me have your wife? She is very sexy and I would like to make love with her." It shouldn't have, but it took me totally by surprise and I stared at him gobsmacked, then glanced at my wife, Elizabeth, and she was looking at him with interest. I asked her, "You're not seriously thinking about it, are you?" She quickly replied, "We're on holiday, so who will know but us. Aren't you turned on by the thought of watching another man have me? I am."

I suddenly realized, she was right. Since we had started having sex, I had thought that a few times, and I was horny. As I thought about it a few seconds, the idea took hold of me and I suddenly wanted very much to watch her with another man. She switched places with Elisa on their bed and Elisa stretched out on our bed on her side facing them with her head flat on the thin pillow. I 'spooned' her from behind holding my head up on my upright arm. Elisa snuggled back into my body and my cock became fully hard again. She felt it stab her and moved a bit so it fitted nicely between her thighs along her ass groove. Then she pulled my free arm over her stomach and moved my hand to her firm breast with its pointy nipple.

While we were getting comfortable, Elizabeth got on her back in their bed and opened herself up, and Julian mounted her, holding his upper body up on his outstretched arms. While we watched, My wife ran her hand along his length and gently wanked it a few times, then guided it to her opening and placed the head inside. He and I were about the same size, so it was interesting to see her head snap back with a little gasp when he thrust into her the first time. She did it again when he withdrew it a bit and shoved it in the rest of the way. He quickly asked her if it hurt, but she said, "No, it just feels deliciously different and I wanted to enjoy you taking me. You can do it any way you want, but do me hard and deep at the end."

That is how she always wants me to finish also, and he did her proud, fucking her for a long time just, it seemed, for the enjoyment of feeling her pussy wrapped around his cock and her muscles nipping and squeezing it (like she does with me). Then he increased the pace and fucked her to a climax, pounding his cock into her at the end. They both came noisily, then hugged and kissed for quite a while afterward, ignoring us. In the meantime, Elisa had pulled my hand from her breast and urged me to finger her. I was soon thrusting my cock between her thighs from the rear where I was 'spooning' her at the same time she was pushing her hips back into me. When, at her urging, I entered her with two fingers, it wasn't long before she came with some very heavy moaning about the time Julian had started pounding into my wife, so they and Elisa all came down from their climaxes at about the same time.

Elisa rolled over to face me. We hugged and kissed as she wanked my cock, announcing in a subdued voice to the other two I had not had a chance to come. I heard my wife ask her, "Are you going to do him?" Elisa answered, "Jawohl, jetzt." My wife then said, "I want to watch. Let me up Julian," and she rose up and sat on the bed and watched. Julian watched from where he lay as his wife sucked my cock until I stopped her before I came as I wanted to come in her instead.

Elisa immediately got up on her hands and knees and said, "Fick mich, fick mich so!" Evidently, in the heat of passion, she forgot her English, but it was obvious what she wanted. I was so horny by then, I shoved it up with a single thrust. She gasped twice, then started squeezing my cock with her amazingly strong muscles, much more powerful than Elizabeth, which made sense when we later found out she was a runner and weight lifter. I paused up her, but she immediately moaned impatiently, "Jetzt! Jetzt!"

I needed to come in the worst way, so I pounded her hard and deep until I felt my cum start to rise, then hard and fast. I came within seconds after shifting, and bellowed out my climax as I spurted my load up her. She came just before me, dropping her upper body onto the bed as I continued to thrust into her with my final spurts. I soon collapsed onto her back, and we rolled away from each, then came back for hugs and kisses. When we were finished and looked over at Julian and Elizabeth, they were fucking again with Elizabeth on top. Elisa and I watched them until my wife came, and then we broke for more wine and conversation that went on for another couple of hours, all the time the four of us naked.

We really made a connection with them as couples in addition to the sex. At their insistence, we stayed the night, with much trading off of spouses, but we ended up in the morning sleeping with our own. They were there for two more days and we spent all our time with them, hiking other tracks in the Gridelwald-Lauterbrunnen area during the day, and fucking at night. That relationship has continued to this day. There is no jealousy, just good times and sex, now with the emphasis on the good times, although the sex is still wonderful. My wife and I both agree that when we meet them for our annual holiday together, climbing into bed with the other one's spouse is still thrilling and that first fuck is still heavenly, and we wouldn't ever voluntarily end it.

I will be writing about some of our other past extramarital adventures in the futureā€¦.oh, Elizabeth says to add that some of those will be written from her point of view!