Written by Jim

10 Oct 2010

My wife is still very attractive with a great body and perfect breasts, probably because she has never had any kids and she still regularly exercises. After 15 years of being together the sex part of our relationship was very routine and a bit boring, she has always been very conservative in bed and the only time she gave me any indication that she could be sexually adventuress was when she told me about a time when she was much younger and after a night out drinking and dancing at a club she began flirted in front of her then boyfriend and his mate when they stoped off at a picnic ground on the way home, she said she took her skirt off as a dare and walked about in just here nickers and top before sitting down on the grass with the guys to stare at the stars, she said she began making out with the boyfriend and didn’t care that his mate was watching, she then began to go down on him when the mate stated to caress her ass. The boyfriend didn’t notice as it was very dark and he had his eyes closed, the friend pulled the crotch of her knickers to the side and slipped his finger into her pussy as she parted her legs in encouragement. She said next thing she knew their friend was rubbing his cock around her pussy lips, and as she gave no indication for him to stop he then proceeded to slip up inside of her. Her moan of pleasure caused the boy friend to look up only to see his mate thrusting away at his girlfriend, she said that all he did was say “oh fuck!! that looks great”. So the mate kept fucking her until he cam and filled her with his cum, the boyfriend then took up position behind her, slipped into her now soppy wet pussy and finished the evening off on a high.

That had been the extent of her sexual adventures until recently when the old boyfriend came up in one of our conversations and she said she remembers fondly the sessions they used to have and she wonders what he’s been up to since all those years ago. Although she did make phone contact several years ago just to say hello but that was all. I said give him a call, we often fantasised about you meeting up and seeing what could happen. All she said was sure, you would not be happy if I did, I said go ahead, we need a bit of spice in our sex lives to get things back on track. She said I might just then, and left it at that.

It was a few weeks later when she said “I might give James a call” I said why not, he would be surprised to see you again and discover what great a shape you are still in. This thought and thinking what could happen gave me a hard on which came to my wife’s attention and approval. She then said, “I think you would really like me to catch up with him wouldn’t you”. A few days later when she came home from work she said she had phoned him earlier in the day and had a good chat and even talked about catching up some time. Sex that night was great and I’m sure that the conversation we had about what could happen if she did catch up was what got us in the right frame of mind. Nothing else was said about it until a week later when she told me she was going back home to visit her mother next weekend, I joking said it would be a good opportunity to catch up with James. She said, so you wouldn’t really mind, and then surprised me by saying that she was thinking about it and then gave me a stair just to see what my reaction would be. I kissed her and said he might want to relive some old memories for old times sake, she just said “like that would happen” and left it at that. The weekend came and she packed for the weekend, as she was leaving she said she would be leaving her Mum’s place on Sunday after lunch and has arranged to meet up with James for a quick coffee before heading home. All I said was “really” I then gave her a passionate kiss and said have fun; I will be waiting to hear all about it when you get back. I had a hard on all Saturday thinking about her having some naughty fun, but in reality I thought there was not much that could happen over an afternoon coffee. On Sunday morning I thought I would give her a call just to tease her a bit, Her mother answered the phone and told me that she left early so she could do some shopping on the way home. I thought to myself she is either really going shopping or her stop over with James might be more than just a quick coffee, I hoped…

She arrived home early evening and I said nothing about speaking with her mother, I also noted she had no shopping bags. I fixed her a glass of wine and she told me she wasn’t hungry as she had a big lunch. She gulped down her wine and I gave her as I asked her about her day. She said she meet up with James for an early lunch and was late home because she needed to wait for her lunch drinks to wear off before driving on home. I jovially said I bet you worked your drinks off. She smiled at me and said are you sure that you don’t mind that I caught up with James. I said of cause not, I have had a hard on all weekend thinking about it and I kissed her. She looked at me and said there is something I should tell you, we had lunch and a few drinks at a hotel restaurant and talked about the old days, we gave each other a kiss, which lead to another kiss. A guy walked past us and jokingly said get a hotel room, James simply said why not. He booked a room and we went in and began making out, next thing we were undressing each other, one thing led to another and we ended up in bed, James said he couldn’t believe I still looked so young, I must have had him really turned on because he fucked me twice in the one afternoon..

I grabbed my wife, took her up stairs and undressed her, laid her on the bed and began kissing her body, she parted her legs for me and I could see the wetness that was still inside her. I slipped my shaft into her and the felling of her being so wet and so full of cum was incredible. We made love all night; I think it was the best remedy for our lack lustre sex life.