Written by col66

26 Jun 2018

My wife informed me last night that Eric has asked would she meet up at haydock races a week on satday as he is working there for a bookie that day.I agreed she can but as she wont go to races alone I will go too..he knows I know what happened and I am ok with it.The plan is after racing he goes to hotel to freshen up then they drop me off home and have a night out..i asked her right out does she want to stay night with him and she says maybe but is worried cos in case he starts getting emotionally involved..as this is both our 1st time we something like this I think being open is best policy and tell him if he enjoys a bit of fun now and again they can meet up occasionally but if anyone one of us wants to stop then we respect their decision..I hope he is ok with that as I cant think of nothing else right now about her getting shagged silly by Eric.She must be thinking about it more than she lets on as for 1st time in years she buying some sexy undiesThanks for the comments guys and yes in future would love to see her fucked that must be a truly amazing feeling but to get this far since end of may I am happy with so lets hope Eric plays ball..will let u guys know what happens if anyone interested regarding sat 14th in liverpool