Written by Gin39

13 May 2017

When I had my first date with my wife I thought she seemed like a bit of a geek. We had met at a party a week earlier and were both drunk so this date was really first impressions. She was very under dressed for a Friday night out, wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

As the night progressed we talked and drank getting to know each other more. One thing led to another and before long we were back at her flat and I had my hand between her legs. I was pleasantly surprised to find a completely smooth pussy, with a big clit and big labia that you just have to lick, on top of that she was completely soaked from her pussy juice.

She has very small breasts but with huge erect nipples. A lot of the time she will wear padded bras but when she doesn't her nipples stick proud through whatever she is wearing.

For the next few weeks we fucked whenever we could, but it wasn't until a few weeks into our relationship that I realised how naughty she could be. One evening she turned up at my flat a little tipsy and hungry so I called out for a pizza. Whilst we were waiting I stripped her down and went to work on her beautiful pussy, licking and sucking on her labia making them swollen and standing out from her slim body. As we got nearer to the expected delivery time I dared her to greet the pizza guy naked. Completely to my surprise she agreed. I honestly thought she would back out but when the guy pressed the buzzer and we told him to come up to our flat she didn't back down.

There was a knock at our door and I waited in the bedroom out of sight of the front door but with her clearly in my view. She opened the door completely naked, nipples like bullets and her smooth pussy wet and swollen from the licking I had just given her. I wish I could have seen his face, apparently he never looked away from her pussy. She paid him and waited for the change, overcome with nerves and excitement the poor guy was fumbling around for the change so she calmly said, "It's ok, take your time". As she closed the door I had to fuck her, I pulled her back to the lounge to the balcony doors, she placed her hands on the glass and I slipped my aching cock inside her. At the time I was renting a flat overlooking the river and we could clearly be seen by any passing boats but neither of us cared as I pounded her wet cunt until I pulled out and emptied over her arse and back.

The pizza was a little cold but it was well worth it!