Written by Dee

7 Aug 2010

My wife Elle and I have has a pretty interesting sex life since we found swinging. It all started with a threesome with one of my mates, progressed to a regular foursome with our neighbours and has culminated in keeping contact with the male of the couple when they split. When we've had threesomes with him I've sometimes let Elle go home with him as I found the whole power of jealousy a massive turn on. One time I went (the two doors) down and watched her being fucked through the patio doors - incredible. This led me to think that I would like her to pull on a night out, fuck the guy and then tell me all about it afterwards. This led to her going out one time in Edinburgh and openly discussing our fantasies with a guy who seemed well up for it. She text me at home, told me the situation and............. I bottled it. I just couldn't get my head round the situation and I text her to call the thing off - something I regretted afterwards but nothing I could do about it after the event. She had given the guy her number and he kept texting and generally became a bit of a pain in the arse which resulted in me phoning him to tell him to do one! This got us to thinking that fulfilling this fantasy in our local city was a bit too close to home.

Last weekend Elle went off to Belfast with her girl pals. Whilst fucking, we discussed the possibility of her pulling someone but concluded that there were a couple if girls in the party who were a bit prudish and would be shocked if she started getting off with someone so this was one opportunity that would have to be passed upon.

We had always agreed that if the opportunity presented itself she would need to clear it with me first most likely by text and it was no surprise that last weekend nothing came through as we'd already agreed so I went to bed slightly disappointedly.

What was slightly surprising was that I hadn't heard from her at all, not even in the morning when I woke at just after 9. When I got up I went down to the kitchen and saw the message light on my work phone flashing - let me explain something here - I have a phone supplied to me by my employer and a personal one I use in the evenings and weekends - I picked it up expecting to see a missed work call or a text but I was shocked to see six unread texts, it didn't Dawn on me immediately as to what it might be but it didn't take long. Let me tell you what they said word for word.

18.53 - Just getting ready to go out what u up 2? Xxx

21.04 - ******* is steaming already OMG!!!!!

21.28 - not speaking? :-(

23.12 - Teasing a guy about all the dirty things we've done with other people but told him I don't do anything without your permission and you ain't here, ******* giving menfunny looks!!! U in bed?

00.12 - I want fucked by this guy, horny as fuck plz get back to me even if it's no xxxxxxxx love you always xxxxxxxx

03.03 - too late :-(

At first I thought that the last text meant that I didntbrespind and it was a missed opportunity but a conversation the next day left me feeling awful.

If you like it it so far, I'll tell you what happened.