26 Mar 2017

My wife has just told me that on Wednesday of this week she visited her fuck buddy for a session. This in itself is not unusual as she often pays visits to him or him to her with or without my knowledge later informing me what she has been up to but Wednesday's visit was something bit different.

Unbeknown to me he has a fetish to see her dressed as a school girl so low and behold she travelled to see him dressed exactly as he requested with short skirt, white blouse, black bra, white knickers, knee high socks and black shoes. She said his face was a picture as she got out of the car and he was rock hard when he embraced her.

He then proceeded to place her across his knee and slap her arse before taking her to the bedroom, pull her knickers down, push her on the bed and rammed a rampant rabbit dildo deep inside her pussy making her cum repeatedly whilst she wanted his hard cock. He then turned her over and without any warning shoved his cock up her arse and pumped away until he shot his load in her.

To make matters worse he then told her he had invited one of his mates around to watch and fuck her but sadly he had dropped out at the last minute. So not only did she dress up, have her arse taken she admitted that if his mate had been there she would have definitely fucked him as well and informed me it may happen in the future.

She then pulled her knickers up, said her goodbyes and drove home with his seed leaking out other arse.

One dirty wife.