Written by M

16 Jun 2009

I have posted on here various times over the last couple of years. My wife and I discovered we like swinging after a nightout in Leeds. We prefer not to advertise and plan meetings as the fantasy is often better than the reality. However we live with an open mind to see what genuine opportunities present themselves. We find this more exciting and much more of a turn on. My wife R is 29 and has fucked around 18 blokes in the last 2 years. We have swung with our friends but R has definitely seen more action than I have. All our posts are 100% genuine, I posted last week as we had an encounter whilst on holiday at Center Parcs. That has been the only thing for a while, until Saturday night. This brings me to our latest event.

R had an invite to go on her friends Hen Party around Leeds, it had been planned for a while. Most of R's friends were married but a close friend had recently got engaged. They were getting married abroad and only wanted a small family wedding so the girls decided to give her a good send off.

On the Saturday R went out with the girls to a beauty salon to have various treatments. Nails, facials etc. Around 3pm R arrived home to get showered and changed for the nightout it leeds. I had agreed to drive her into town to meet the girls. She spent ages getting ready and when she was ready she looked stunning. She had a tight strapless White Top, Short Black Skirt and a pair of Black Wedges. It was a warm night so she wore no tights. She really did look sexy. Was surprised at length of skirt, she was showing lots of leg when she climbed in my car. The skirt was barely covering her Black Thong. We soon arrived in Leeds. I dropped her at the bar she was meeting her friends at and waited. She signaled to me they were there so I drove away. I arrived home and decided to have a beer and watch Rugby on Sky. It had been a busy week and i was tired, so around 11pm I went to bed.

I heard a bump which woke me from my sleep, I looked at the clock and it was just before 4.30am. I realised the bump was coming from our bathroom. I then heard the sound of running water, I then realised R had turned the shower on. I laid there for a short time, the water stopped and R came into our bedroom. I pretended to be asleep. I saw her throw her clothes into the laundry basket, she put on her nightie and climbed into bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was asleep. She was laid facing me so I cuddled up to her. In the darkness I saw a mark on her left breast. I got my mobile phone to use as a torch, I had a closer look and it definitely looked like a love bite on her chest. I got an instant hard on thinking about what she might have been up to. I climbed out of bed and went to the laundry basket, I took her clothes into the bathroom and turned on the light. I went through her clothes and found her Thong. I examined them and I saw a very noticeable stain in the gusset. I felt it and it was soaking, I then smelt it and it stunk of spunk. It was without doubt a cum stain. I felt so turned on I wanked off there and then. I went back to bed.

In the morning I woke and R was still fast asleep, I got up and went down stairs. Around 10 I heard the shower again. I made her a cuppa and went up into the bathroom. She obviously didn't hear me because of the running water. I looked through the glass. She was washing her hair and she had her eyes shut. I then noticed she had 3 love bites on her tits. I went into our bedroom and waited for her. A short time later she came in. She seemed surprised to see me there, she knew I could see the marks on her chest so she told me what had happened.

They had been in a club and had got chatting to a group of guys, R and her friend Jenny had attracted 2 of them. Jenny was married and to my knowledge she had never strayed. After a while R and Jenny ended up snogging these blokes. Turned out they were from Newcastle and were on a stag do. They were staying in a hotel in Leeds. The guys invited them back, R said it wasn't a good idea. This time it was Jenny who insisted on going with them. So after a while they left the club with them.

When they arrived at the hotel with them they all went into the same room. R went into the toilet as she needed the loo, after a couple of minutes she came out. Jenny was laid on the bed snogging the bloke. He was laid by her, he had his hand up her skirt and he was fingering her. R became turned on watching her friend getting finger fucked. She was loving it as she was moaning. The other bloke grabbed R and kissed her, R responded. He led her to the other bed and laid her down. They were son snogging frantically and were pulling each others clothes off. R said she saw Jennys knickers on the floor and the bloke was on top of her, she was still fully dressed except for her knickers. R and the bloke was soon naked and she went down to suck his cock. He was laid on his back and she sucked him. After a while R eased up his body and lowered herself onto his cock. She started fucking him slowly. R then heard Jenny say "No I can't do this". Jenny had second thoughts and pushed the guy away. He had an hard on and didn't seem too pleased. He laid on the bed with Jenny and watched as R fucked this guy. R said it was too good to stop. After a short time the bloke groaned as he emptied his load up her. R had an orgasm. She rolled off him and was laid on her back. Next thing she knew the horney bloke who was with Jenny had joined her on the bed. He was kissing her and was quickly between her legs. R doesn't know if it was the drink or just her state of arousal but she just let him fuck her. He fucked her hard for around 10 minutes then he finished by emptying his spunk up her. Jenny was just laid watching. Rachel got dressed and they left to get a taxi. Jenny was shocked R had fucked them both, turns out Jenny didn't let the guy get his cock in. Was just fingering her when she changed her mind. Needless to say I got really turned on when I heard this and fucked R really hard on our bed. She was still wet the following day when I fucked her. We are meeting the couple we met at Center Parcs last week in 2 weeks time, hoping for a full swap this time. Will keep you posted