Written by hgv_driver

14 May 2007

We have always had an adventurous sexual lifestyle, i loved my wife to have other men, either as a 3some or on her own. We had tried many things and always had fun and excitement. I explained to her that i would love to see her pull a guy at a pub or club and watch from a distance to see how things went.

She decided the best place for her would be a nice Hotel bar, the kind of guys she likes (Educated,proffesional types) were more often there and if was a more mosphere. We went to a medium sized hotel on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds, it has a nice Bar, and is used mostly for business as it is right on the A14. Liza is no super model, but is a very attractive 43 year old, size 12 32DD boobs and a reasonable body. She usually dressed conservatively, but tonight had gone for it big time. She had a deep mauve Basque on, with stockings, a shortish skirt and a black jacket which showed lots of cleavage without being totally tarty. She wore no panties, and a pair of black high heels. She looked so sexy, a bit like a high class hooker, which i find so sexy. As we drove to the Hotel i was rock hard and she rubbed my cock through my trousers telling me she was going to find herself a big cock to play with, i almost came in my pants as we drove. We arrived about 8pm, i dropped her at the door and went to park.

When I walked into the bar she was sat at the bar already drinking a glass of wine and chatting to a couple of guys. I ordered myself a drink and found myself a corner to sit in where i could see the whole bar from but was not stuck out. For the next 30 minutes or so i sipped my drink and watched as these 2 guys chatted away to my wife, obviously both trying it on, occasional brushes of their hands on her legs or her arms, it was so sexy to watch and i couldn't move because of a huge hard-on. They bought her a couple of glasses of wine and then at about 9.15 a group of guys walked into the Bar who they knew and they all were no around my wife chatting away. From where i was sitting i saw a guy put his hand on her knee, she looked at him and smiled and i could see he was rubbing her leg gently moving up and down and slightly up her skirt. She said something to him which i couldn't hear but then watched in shock and excitement as he slid his hand further up her skirt, i got up and walked over the the bar to get another drink, stood only a few feet from them all. The guy with his hand up her skirt pulled away slightly and she laughed and said see, no panties, he quickly replied that he couldn't be sure as her legs were together and all the guys laughed. I ordered my drink and stayed stood there, she said to the guy who had his hand on her leg, well try now then and she opened her legs about 8 inches at the knee, his hand was straight up there and he said with a huge smile, yup no panties and a shaved pussy, and his hand remained up her skirt obviously fingering her pussy. One of the other guys asked about her wedding ring, She replied her husband was at home, and was not a problem. At this point a guy the other side of her said, i think i had better double check and slid hi had straight up her skirt pulling her legs wide open, the guys all cheered as her skirt hitched right up and her pussy was on view to all, the first guy i could now see had 3 fingers deep in her and was pumping them in her hard.I moved away and headed to the foyer where i could still watch them from. After about 15 minutes of this she got up and walked towards me, i thought she had had enough and was heading home, but then 2 of the guys followed her towards me. I quickly left the hotel and walked into the car park, I watched as she walked out followed by the 2 guys, I was stood by some trees in the dark near my car, she walked over to our car which was parked in a secluded corner and the guys both approached her, the first to get to her kissed her deeply and fondled her boobs, he then quickly undid her jacket and pulled her boobs from her Basque, he sucked on her nipples and then pulled off her jacket and skirt leaving her standing in her Basque and stockings only-the other guy was now fingering her pussy and she bent over and started sucking on the first guy. This seemed to be the invitation number 2 was waiting for and he pulled out his cock and pushed it straight up her from behind. He started fucking her gently to start as she suck on the first guy and then as i looked across to the hotel, i saw the group of men they were with heading our way.The guy fucking her was pounding harder and harder, and then shouted he was cumin and emptied his sack in her, the guy she was sucking said right my turn now, i bet you don't get this at home. As he pulled out of her mouth and reposition for her pussy, i could see he had a good sized cock, about 8" and really thick, She said no, my husband has only about 4", i hardly even feel him, they all laughed and said we will sort you tonight darling, and with that they all took turns fucking her and shoving their cocks in her mouth. After about an hour she had been fucked by 8 guys, most of them twice, and was laid over the bonnet of my car, legs wide open, leaking cum. the last of the guys was just wandering back to the bar, with comments of, what a dirty whore she was gagging for it alright. I was just about to come out from my hiding place when i noticed another guy walking over, he was at least 60 if not 70 he walked up to Liza and said, how much for a fuck, she glanced up at him and said.."What?" He said your still working aren't you, how much? she looked a little shocked but then with a glint in her eye said, as your a pensioner £10, he quickly handed her 10 and said thanks, then he told her to bend over the bonnet, he pulled out his cock which was short but thicker than anything i have seen and pushed it straight up her, he fucked her for ages, must have been 20 minutes or more before saying can i fuck your arse, she didn't reply that i could hear, but i watched as he pulled here cheeks apart and pushed it in her arse, she squealed a bit and then he started pumping gently before shout oh yeah and grimaced as he shot his load. He said thanks love, see you here again i hope and walked off. I came out the bushes and walked over to her, there was cum running everywhere, i said don't get dressed you need to clean up and she sat in the car as i drove round to the lorry park, she went into the ladies just in her stockings and Basque and cleaned herself up a bit, when she came out there were 4 lorry drivers stood watching who all cheered, she jumped in the car and we drove home.