Written by william

2 Mar 2012

In November (about the 25th) I told of how my wife had surprised me by agreeing to be a hooker for a night and how that went. The upshot of it was that yes it is exciting but not something either of us wanted to do on a regular basis but from time to time...maybe.

Well she recently did it again. We had been chatting and decided time was right for a repeat session but this time we would book into a cheap hotel for the night in the area (£15 a night so you know its a working girls hotel). Before we left ours at about 6pm she got dressed - short skirt, too tight blouse, no bra and slightly ripped fishnets. Her hair remained down and this, we thought gave the impression of a working girl trying not to look like one (but failing) to the hotel as we booked in. We drove to the area picked the hotel - from a run of them, and walked in, she was holding one small holdall as i booked in and as expected the guy behind the desk looked knowingly at me though i wasn't sure if it was because he thought we were having an illicit affair or she was a hooker. Off to the room we went which as expected was basic a single bed, cabinet and door to a "bathroom" consisting of a grubby toilet shower and sink.

I should say to those who haven't looked my wife is Julie 40 natural straw blonde hair, bluegrey eyes, 5ft5 size 10 with 32dd chest sagging a little now but a nice pert firm ass. She slipped out of her clothes presenting me with an excellent view of her body and freshly shaven mound. Her pussy lips were exquisite puffy and i walked over and slipped a finger up her and noted she was already wet. she told me to fuck her so she would seem to have done business before her next client and i didnt need asking twice ripping my clothes off and fucking her on top of the bed firing up into her then as i pulled out she went down and sucked my cock clean of cum and pussy. "Wont hurt to have it on my breath as i talk" she said "and look recent stains now on the cover s just like the real thing when i bring a punter back". I just loved her attention to detail and easy way she slipped into character. After the fuck she stood up slapped a bit of lube over her pussy saying if ive been working since the afternoon then I'd need a bit of this also, then opened the holdall. I hadnt seen what shed packed so it was watch her.

Out came red fishnet hold ups, a low cut top slashed to go even lower, a black zippy top, then a pvc mini and a pair of lycra shorts more like hotpants to be honest. She held up these last two items asking me which she should wear. She decided on the hotpants. I noted there was no underwear brought out and as i looked at her the hotpants clung to her crotch outlining and showing of her shaven mound perfectly. I watched her putting her hair into bunches and once again she appeared the real older call girl trying to look younger. The pping of her holdups peeping under the legs of her shorts, the tightness of her shorts, her slashed top eager to expose her tits at a moments notice topped off by her zippy jacket attempting to keep the cold out despite remaining open......"Perfect " I said an obvious second hard on bobbing in front of her. She Laughed as she looked and said "if you want a go now it'll cost you". She messed up the bed cover put out a couple of toys and left the lube on the floor. "Lets go " she said and with that we left the room walked down and out of the door.

The road we went to was walking distance but I drove her there as it gave me somewhere to sit and watch her and it would look to all as if shed left a punter. We got there about 9 or so at night there was one other girl at the end of the street and I dropped her off further down and drove a little further but to a point where I could still see her.

There she stood under a light i could see her cupping her tits as she waited her other hand would occasionally dip inside her shorts. Suddenly lights came down the road and a car drew to a halt, my phone went as arranged for two reasons one so i could hear and second it was a way to keep her safe. "Alright love" a voice said. My wife moved forward i was sure she was making sure her zippy top remained open so the guy got a nice view of her hotpanted camel toe. I assume he must have had a view as he said "get in love I'll have some of that". "I have a room around the corner" I heard Julie say "£30 plain sex £50 sex BJ and a wank if you want it - all condomed". "In... lets go" and I saw her get in and watched as he drove past me. I listened in as she talked in the car. "I'll have me wank as i drive " I heard him say and could only imagine the site as i heard muffled movement from the speaker of my phone. "Oh " i heard Julie say "youve cum". Its ok I'll be ready when we get to your room. Smear it on your face for now" "Good girl" From that i assumed she had.i heard them pull up and get out of the car listened to them walk up the stairs> I pulled up a short time later and walked into the hallway of the hotel and was met by a smiling reception clerk. Shes got one upstairs he said. I nodded and walked to him "Want to listen?". Damn right he did i put the phone on the desk and we listened in I was excited thinking my wife didnt know this extra twist.

Julies work in the room payed off as we heard her punter say he saw shed been busy today. We heard her put the phone down on the bedside table as arranged so it was near but not supicious and heard the bed creak. "Fuck your wet and slimy there. £50 here".

Bed creaking, julie moaning, a little gasp as he first entered her - she later told me he was about 7" "Turn over onto all fours bitch " "Good girl- you older ones are better you know whats needed". Over the phone I could hear the bed creaking faster and faster, then a sound of slapping and julie squealing but her squeals were playful she was obviously enjoying it as he slapped her ass cheeks grunting and then a shout as he obviously finished firing deep into the condom as he stayed inside her. We could faintly hear the condom being ripped off and Julie laughing as she said shed have to find it later. "It'll be with the rest" we heard him say then heard the buzz of a vibrator as he said "I'll use this on you as you give me my BJ. The unfortunate part of that was that we couldnt hear her sucking him but we could hear her vibrator and her moan loud. his BJ was a five minute clean of his cock as he "didnt want the wife tasting cum and condom later". We heard the door open and close and then footsteps down the stairs. Me and the receptionist pretended to be chatting as we watched him leave jump into his car make a call and drive off.

"Right best go and see her " i said and disappeared upstairs. Opening the door i saw her lying on the bed still with her vibrator up her - switched off. I started to undress but she told me not to as she wanted to get back out there - she was glowing and clearly loved being a whore tonight.i helped her dress and she decided to wear the miniskirt over the shorts which did nothing to detract from the hooker look. I told her that I'd been listening with the receptionist downstairs and she smiled, then when we went down smiled at the clerk as we left to take her back to the street for another punter. When we got there she said to me to go back to hotel and wait there she'll ring as soon as shes picked up. As she was sure i agreed and headed back and sat chatting to the receptionist waiting for a phone call. It was about 10:15 or so. We had agreed to end it and go home around 4am between now and then she sold herself 4 times. It was a great night and Im sure she wont mind telling more if you want it.