Written by Lucky macho

14 Jul 2007

She was a cute asian girl and had the most stunning body to kill for. I stopped the car and offer her a ride, that she accepted. She was friendly and we met several times more, early mornings, same quiet street. Always wore tight stretch pants that showed meaty thighs and a delicious split bulge in between. She was married and well behaved, but no woman is no prey. She accepted going out for a drink because we 'click' and she liked me, and said hubby was "open minded" and much older than her. Took her to the best bar in town. Refused a kiss on the first night but I thought: what is a serious wife doing dancing in a club with me? She was the gorgeous model type, the kind I never thought would ever have. So I let loose and ended the night friendly. But after a few days rang her up and made the second invitation. Took her for a "softening" couple of drinks at a cheap drive in and bent over to kiss her in the car. She surrendered and we kissed passionately for like 30 min. Then to a dance club where I chose the darkest corner and went passionate kissing, touching her beautiful tiny waist, and her tremendous legs left bare for me by her skimpy striped dress. I almost ripped my trousers with my full length shaft. When I noticed she was panting I slowly went up her thighs and reached for her bikini and rubbed her swiftly, she went desperate. So then I told her "lets go somewhere else" and she instantly said yes. Took her to a small room on top of my private office in the suburbs, she went to the toilet and I got undressed and laid on top of my bed just in case she went shy. She was surprised to see me but just laughed. I was in a hurry and that made her undresses fast. What a body, my god, I thought I'd come too fast. Took her roughly, kisses her again touching her parts- boy, were they wet: she was pouring lubrication!! Licking and sucking her huge nipples in her small breasts made her twirl. Went down and ate her cunt lasciviously, she went crazy. Then I felt she took me in her mouth too.

One hour before I was staring at this classy, gorgeous, beautifully dressed woman, walking to my car in her sexy high heels: an impossible dream for an ugly guy like me, and now she was all naked, dizzy by desire, surrendered, all touched and licked in her most intimate parts, legs wide opened to be taken by me. And so I did, screwed her wild, like in rage, she was moaning crazily, and I came. Gallons of cum pumped inside her belly. Every thrust of mine made her moan. Then, I withdrew and lay on my back to catch my breath.

I admired this heaven sent lady when I met her, but now beside me, surrendered, naked and fucked, rolled around me cuddling and kissing me: I lost all respect for her. Always happens to me.

When she started being sweet and romantic after sex, and told me this was her first affair out of her marriage, I just told her to go and get dressed. Took her to her flat and kissed her good bye. In spite of my deliberate coarseness she was happy and infatuated, told me she liked the way I kiss and make love, and was ready for a next date. It always happens with this well-behaved wives.

I don't know if I'm particularly macho or it happens to all of the guys. I would like to have your opinions.

Maybe I'll take her out again. I'll let you know.