Written by Mr H

22 Jul 2018

Mrs H and i have been together for 20 years, married for 14 of them, and as long as i can remember i've fantasized about the thought of sharing her with other guys. For most men i guess this is their worst nightmare, but the thought of seeing her touch or be touched by a complete stranger really gets my blood pumping.

I was reluctant to bring up the subject with her for years, not knowing how she would react, but over the last few years during sex i would often bring up the subject and it would get her incredibly wet, however afterwards she would always say that as much as she loves the idea, she would never actually go through with it as she felt it could damage our relationship, and i respected that decision, but i'm not one to give up that easily...

So i bought her some erotic books and DVD's on the subject of DP's / Hotwifing, and i was amazed just how much she got into them, then over a peroid of about a year she slowly started warming to the idea of actually involving someone else, just as long as we had some groundrules and our boundaries were respected. We subscribed to this site and arranged a couple of meets, but unfortunately we were let down each time, and we also tried several Dogging locations but there was nothing going on eachtime we went, it seemed that it wasn't meant to happen! Then whilst looking around this site i found a list of clubs that we could attend, which would almost guarantee that there would be men there wanting the same thing and the potential to fulfil our fantasy.

We joined up online and attended the club on Friday for the first time, we were both very nervous walking in but were put at ease very quickly by one of the Members of Staff who gave us a guided tour if the facilities. We had a few drinks at the bar, and just people watched for a while, before Mrs H went to the toilet, when she returned she said that she'd removed her knickers as they weren't very comfortable, there was my wife in a very short, almost see through dress, with no underwear, i knew this was going to be a memorable night.

After a few more drinks we decided to go and explore, to see what was going on elsewhere, we stumbled upon a Dogging area, where there were car bonnets sticking out of the wall and a picnic bench. There was nobody at all in this area and when we got to the end Mrs H told me to sit on the bonnet, when i did so she dropped to her knees, unbuckled my trousers and pulled out my cock and took it in her mouth, it was the most surreal but amazing feeling that anyone could walk in at any moment...

After a few minutes i glanced over and noticed that a guy was approaching us along the corridor, i told Mrs H and expected her to panic, stop what she was doing and cover up, but to my amazement she just kept giving me the most incredible blow job. This guy walked up to us and stood in almost touching distance, he stood there and watched for a few minutes, before asking if there was room for another on the bonnet. My heart was in my throat, i didn't know what to say, or do, but somehow managed to mumble a few words and shifted over on the bonnet, he sat down beside me and proceeded to take down his trousers and pants, before revealing his already hard cock.

There was my beautiful wife on her knees with a strangers hard cock in front of her, i was almost certain that at this point she would bottle it, but instead she reached out and took him in her hand and began wanking him! After a few moments he asked if she would blow him too, she looked at me for approval and i just nodded my head, it was as if it was happening in slow motion as she moved over and took him in her mouth. Whilst Mrs H was sucking him, he reached out and started to touch her tits outside of her dress, i did the same and then pulled down her dress to reveal them to him, i watched as he touched and tweaked her erect nipples.

Mrs H then asked if we could move over to the picnic bench which was a lot lower and would be more comfortable for her, so we did so and we resumed the same position, looking down at your wife with two cocks in her hands, wanking them, taking it in turns sucking them, with her tits out was a mind blowing experience, then when he reached out and put his fingers inside her pussy i just couldn't control myself and shot my load, with a strangers fingers pumping in and out of her pussy she continued to suck his cock and luck his balls, and it wasn't long before he sprayed his cum over Mrs H's tits and a little landed on her face / hair.

Whilst cleaning up we had a brief chat with this guy, and watching Mrs H talking to him, with her tits on display, covered in his cum was just the icing on the cake, without a doubt the most amazing sexual experience of our lives, so far......