Written by studleygudshag

7 Apr 2011

It's been a while since Angie and I have seen John, 6 months or more in fact, so we invited him round for an evening last weekend. I suppose we thought it would be nice to re-explore some of the threesome adventures we had shared last year.

He arrived at 7pm on Friday, usual welcome handshake for me, kiss on Angie's cheek and a crafty squeeze of her bum. (he could probably tell she'd got no knickers on)

It was a nice, warm evening, so we walked to the local pub for a drink and ordered a takeaway for later.

Anyway, long story short, back to ours, food consumed and wine attacked with vigour! Then....John fell asleep!!

Angie went upstairs to change into some seriously sexy gear, stockings, suspenders, basque, high heels...the works. She sat on the sofa next to John who was still asleep.

She looked absolutely gorgeous, legs wide open, minge on full display and soaking wet ready for a thoroughly good fucking!

I went straight over and kissed her hard on the lips before moving down to give her a good licking out. She moaned loudly as she reached her first orgasm but John was completely oblivious in the land of nod...I couldn't believe it. Was he pretending o be asleep or was he seriously tired out?

After a while we decided he was out of it and proceeded to switch off the tv and lights, at which point he woke up and said "you were'nt going to leave me down here were you?"

I don't think he even noticed what Angie was wearing so we all just went to bed.

Not happy with how things had turned out, I persuaded Angie to slip into his bedroom to see what reaction she got. This is how it went...she went in and slid under the duvet, John had his back to her so she gently stroked his arm 'til he reacted. He simply moved straight down to her extremely wet, hairy cunt and buried his head straight into it.

I've never let her be alone with him before and she's never wanted to be so it was a very different situation for all of us.

I sneaked across the landing to the open doorway of their room but as it was so dark, all I could make out was his legs, boxer shorts, back of his head and Angie's legs wide open while he licked her out.

I wanked whilst listening to the sounds of pleasure but to be honest got bored and went back to bed.

About 45 minutes later Angie returned to me totally turned on and gagging for a good fucking. All John did was lick her out and suck her nipples. She was disappointed cos she ended up frigging herself to orgasm while he ate her tits.

We shagged for about an hour and she had five orgasms. What are we to do? We need a new fuck buddy! John just isn't up to the job! Trust me, Angie is dead sexy and well up for a good seeing to, and I want to see her well and truly fucked!