15 Apr 2019

We are a happily married couple Iain 54 Sarah 46. Always had a reasonable but standard sex life though. Over the last few years we have dabbled with fantasies about Sarah being seduced and services by other men. Usually it is horny pillow talk and then the book closes afterwards.

Recently however I suggested she flirted a little with one or two of the guys who she does domestic cleaning and irining for. She laughed at the idea.

One guy, Pete is a divorcee and always horny and tells me she is sexy. I suggested to her to lead him on a bit.

Weeks passed and then one day out of the blue another guy called roger who is widowed and a professional guy took her complexity by surprise.

She was at his house and returned unexpectedly. She was just in joggers, tee shirt and flip flops as it was hot and summer.

He asked her how much he owed her for the last two weeks an£ she said £70...... he took out his wallet and handed her two £50 notes and asked if she had any change. Sorry she said. She hadn’t

Completely out of character he said keep the £30 as tip as long as you show me your bum.

She was shocked.

Asked if he was serious and thought fuck it. She bent forward and pulled her joggers down to reveal her arse and pants.

Jesus he said. That is so sexy. She is size 12 34dd

Is that ok she said. Yes said Roger. I hope I have offended you. She was quite embarrassed but thought she had just cheered him up.

He then suggested she could earn a bit more if she got naked.

This story is true and goes on.

Please comment so far and let us know if it’s worth sharing the rest.