Written by PhilG

5 Jun 2014

Have been married for ages, always been faithful to each other apart from some flirting with others. Over the years we have confided fantasy to each other as a form of fore play, sometimes making up a few to get either of us horny.

We had finished a walk at Westerham in Kent, and sitting in a car park in the woods eating a bit of lunch when my wife looked over at the car in the corner and made comment about the woman being a bit over dressed for going to the woods. I looked over seeing what she meant, and sure enough she was sitting with her legs outside the car very short skirt, tight top undone a little bit more then necessary, but very nice with it, her husband (?) sitting next to her. I looked in the direction the woman was looking and pointed the wife in the same direction, there was a guy about 30ish and I guess easy on the eye, he was rubbing his crotch and looking in direct line up the womans skirt, she on her part moved her bum a bit forward showing stocking tops, and smiled at the guy.

The guy walked over and without blinking she pulled him closer undid his trousers and was obviously running her fingers over his cock. My wife said something like "wow she isn't messing around" but could not take her gaze away, even though she could only see his back. I said "I wonder how big his cock is, maybe she is so eager as she s a monster" adding maybe we should walk over and look, expecting her to just say no. To my amazement she said for me to go over and look, and come back and tell her. I was out the car in a flash, slowly walked over but not to close and watched as the woman started to suck his cock, no not a monster but nice sized. The womans husband nodded to me I nodded back then behind me relised my wife had followed. Again she was tranfixed watching this woman suck a cock while her partner watched. The husband beckened her closer saying she could sit in the car if she wanted, again to my surprise she did, and to my wifes surprise he got in the back on the other side. He wasted no time and started touching up my wife, my wife was almost in a trance, watching the other woman suck the cock she was touching his balls while the guy had leaned into the car and fingering as she sucked. The guy in the back had my wifes shirt undone and her bra over her nice 36c breasts and was pinching one nipple while sucking the other, then changing over, I knew how sensitive my wifes breasts and nipples were and how wet she would be getting, the guy was working her walking shorts button and zip trying his hardest to get his fingers inside my wifes knickers.

I felt a bit left out, not sure if I was happy with the situation but seeing my wife still transfixed watching the woman suck, just went with it.

My wife had been moved so she could suck the guy in the back I could see she was reluctant but the guy was telling her she would enjoy it once she started and just a little suck!!

She was now licking his helmet and then sucking his cock deeper and deeper her bum facing me so I went behind her pulling her walking shorts and knickers down and started to finger her, the guy being sucked used his free hand to finger her as well saying how wet she was. He even asked if she was my wife!!

The woman sucking pulled away saying we should swop places I couldn't move quick enough, and soon had my cock in the womans mouth, she was good. I could see in the car enough to watch my wife sucking and watch the guy finger my wifes wet pussy with two fingers being pushed deep inside her then out again, using her juice to smear around her bum hole.

I would like to say I lasted longer then I did but soon came in the womans mouth pumping all my cum down her throat and she swallowed it all. Then leant back telling me to lick her, I went between her legs al be a bit reluctant due to cumming but thought it only fair, she held my head with her hands and clamped her thighs either side almost clamping me in place. I licked her clit and tongue fucked her deep as I could and was rewarded by her cumming from my tongue, as she released her grip I raised my head up, I didn't expect to see what I did, the guy was burying his cock inside my wifes cunt, I didn't know how I felt, we had never fucked other people while married but now she was acting like a slut, letting this stranger plunge his cock deep inside her, pulling out then plunging in again, hearing her moan with her mouth full of cock I knew he was hitting the spot. I then felt the womans hand on my cock and to my surprise was hard again, she moved out the car leaning against the car roof taking my cock and rubbing it against her clit, I tried to slip it inside her but she held it tight rubbing my helmet over her clit.

My wife still moaning, still having this young guy fuck her, knowing that she was so near to cumming. Then she moaned loudly as she came, the guy still pumping her hard and deep, suddenly stopping with his cock buried inside her and the signs that he was unloading his cum inside my wife, fuck no, bareback cumming in my wifes cunt, I tried to pull away from the woman rubbing my cock against her clit but she pulled a little harder finding her cunt entrance with my cock and I was then in hard cock needs to fuck zone.

I started fucking the woman, watching as the stranger pulled out from my wife his cum leaking out, I had mixed thoughts my wife not onn the pill as I'm snipped, would she get pregnant? oh fuck, but still in the fucking zone not able to stop, fucking her harder trying to take out my frustration out on this womans cunt.

The guy in the back moved forward, his legs out the car pulling my wife on top of him, I could see his cock about seven inches but very thick, almost cola can size! my wife was almost desperate to mount him leaning inside the car and sitting on his cock, I got a good look of her well fucked cum cunt sitting down on this thick new cock, then riding up and down, the other guy slipping his finger inside her arse. the first guys cum now leaking out more.

Fuck I was mad at how she was acting but unable to control myself and stop fucking the woman enjoying how she was having what appeared to be a huge orgasm until I finally came again inside her.

I pulled out feeling strange to be watching my wifes cunt being stretched by this thick cock sliding up inside her, then watching as she was pulled forward so the guy was in control, fucking my wife fast and hard, watching again the tale tell sign of a man about to cum, I wanted to pull her off but didn't and sure enough as my wife came yet again the guy pushed in deeper his balls almost pumpin as more cum leaked out around her well fucked cunt.

As the guy softened his cock slipped out, her cunt looked so open, I could see inside her, full of cum, some leaking out.

The first guy looked at me saying thanks mate loved fucking your wife she was so tight, although I don't think she is now and walked back into the woods.

My wife got out the car, her walking shorts still around one ankle pulling up her knickers and shorts straighting her top.

The woman said well that was a bit unexpected, nice though. Then asked if we were staying for some more.

I said no we need to go a bit shaken by the whole event, as I walked away I caught the guy giving my wife something, once we got in the car and started driving home I asked what it was. She told me it was his card, I told her we won't need that, she replied that maybe she should hold onto it for a bit.

Once we got in we both showered, talked about how stupid we were fucking strangers. My wife said she was at the safe time so proberbly not pregnant but would test just in case.

That night in bed we fucked, her pussy was so looser then normal from the thick cock that had pounded her earlier, she asked if it had turned me on seeing her being so slutty, I told her I had mixed emotions but talking about it now imagining the two cocks fucking her and watching another guys cum run out her pussy was turning me on now.

She just said "It's a good job I still have his card" !!

Sorry for the long story but wanted to get the whole event down.