Written by wife tale 2

28 Apr 2015

Well i have read a few comments on my story about what my wife got up to over a number of years, so just thought i would follow up with another one of her stories again these are all true, she replied to one of these contacts on this site from a man saying he just needed a female to go to a few swinger clubs with him, so after a few long talks together we agreed if that was what she wanted to try just give it a go,she had never been to one of these clubs,so why not try , after a couple of meetings with this man his name was Dave an he was a pilot, he convinced her she would enjoy herself, so off they went some time after a drink not to fare from were we live. just to give her a bit of Courage, Off she went with him in his Audi T.T. Part of the attraction for her, when she returned home after 3 in the Morning, she woke me up after she had taken a Shower, and told me the tale of what a great time she had , starting with when she entered the changing, and started to remove her cloths to slip a towel on to go out, Dave had his,and this is her words he had a cock that was 8 inch Long and 4 inches thick, just put the tip of his finger into her Pussy, just before Fucking her from the Back then lifting her up and let her slid onto his Thick ,long cock. she said it made her full,and wanting more than she could have dreamed,after they had showered, him again fucking her,they slipped there towels round them to go and see what was going on in the Swingers club,Well as she was walking round with Dave a couple of other men began touched her Great Bum, she said it seemed very strange at first, but took no notice, just so engrossed in what was going on around her.They got to One room and she said there were 2 men and 2 women naked on this large bed playing with each other, so Dave asked her if she wanted to join them,she at first was a bit worried, but thought why not, so Dave removed her Towel and lay her down on the bed and after a few seconds she had the other men,with there hands all over her, rubbing her pussy and sucking her firm tits, she said this was a great turn on, so Dave again slid has cock into her and started to fuck her long and slow ,just while the other men fingered her bum and sucked her tits,This was all her store , and what a turn on , i love to here them and if you want more, just put them in your comments, to me. I have a good few more to tell , ,