Written by Johnson

10 Jan 2018

Thank you for your advice, it was much appreciated.

So here is what has happened since,

Now that everyone is back at work , we both agreed that my wife should approach her work colleague by herself and take it from there.

She spoke to him and said that they had unfinished business and asked him to meet her in the underground car park at the end of the day so they could have a chat.

She called me when she was sitting in the car waiting for him to turn up and I told her that I was very excited even tho I felt mixed emotions of jealousy and strangely I had a massive hard on and told her to fuck him, all of a sudden she said he was coming and said she would call back.

Nothing until an hour later she came in, that was it well tell me tell me,

Let's go upstairs into the bedroom , once there she kissed me hard and rubbed my semi hard cock ,

I pulled her onto the bed where she got my cock out and slowly rubbed me up and down hard but slow

You want to know, I was close to coming I put my hand into her knickers and she was soaking .as I fingered her she started to tell me.

Once he got into the car they chatted for a bit then he leant over and kissed her and he guided her had down to his cock and helped her to get his cock out of his trousers ,she told me how it felt feeling another man hard , by now I was dribbling spunk from my cock ..more tell me more, then she told me she leant over and took him into her mouth and ran her tongue all over him, at that point she decided to swallow his come

I said do you want to fuck him? I want you to fuck him and I shot my load all over her hand,

I asked if she finished him ... didn't you taste it when we kissed ?

I continued fingerings her still asking her for more details telling her I want him to come in her then fuck her feeling spunk 8n her pussy ...It took seconds for her to orgasm.

Once we calmed down we have decided that she should ask him if he wants to join us.

Not sure if to direct but she wants me there watch and join in .